The 3RD ROCK Black Friday Manifesto

The 3RD ROCK Black Friday Manifesto

The big, black, elephant-shaped thing which goes by the initials B.F, is very much in the room, so we've written a manifesto to give you an insight about our stance on this ‘holiday’ (and we do have a thing or two to say)

Once upon a time, 3RD ROCK never “celebrated” the Black Friday “holiday” - it just didn’t feel right; we are a sustainable and conscious company after all 🤓. But we didn’t ignore it, either; one year we closed our website completely in defiance, and in the last couple of years we have worked with charities and donated a % of profits from the Black Friday weekend towards their causes.

If you know us well, you’ll know that across the year, we don’t ‘do’ big sales - there is only one: the inaugural Christmas sale (it launched yesterday by the way 😬). But it’s never been easy and it’s always felt a little conflicted. Some of you complained when we launched our Christmas sale after Black Friday weekend (and rightly so - why shouldn’t customers benefit from reduced prices from 3RD ROCK, when every man and his dog were offering the same?) By delaying the Christmas sale it also meant we were then compromising the Christmas shopping opportunity for customers who then had less time to fulfil their shopping with a much shorter delivery window - and an even shorter window for our International customers.

So this year, we’re trying to….keep the peace. We will be starting our sale on Thursday 25th November and it will run through to the 5th December (so no need to panic buy!) For any profit generated from sales across the Black Friday weekend, we have decided to donate 20% of our Black Friday weekend profits to The Wild for Wilderness Foundation, a cause close to our hearts this year.

Check out more about their Big Give initiative below, every donation made between the 30th November and the 7th December gets doubled!

At the end of the day, what really matters is you, our community. We want you to have the best experience possible when you decide to put your faith (and cash) with us. That you find sustainable, super comfortable garments for yourselves and your loved ones in the coming holiday season that are made to last and produced in the right way.

We don’t want you to miss out, and we know you’re a sensible, sustainable bunch and even if we did make a song and dance about “Black Friday”, it wouldn’t necessarily make a difference to how you shop anyway!

Take a look at our Christmas sale here and don’t forget to sign-up to our newsletter to hear about exclusive offers and news. But no rush, this isn’t a sale for the weekend - it’s here for a while ✌🏻🥰

Guy & Jessica Mor

3RD ROCK Founders

Thanks for reading. We're 3RD ROCK. We design and manufacture sustainable climbing clothes & activewear that's made to move and made to last. Using recycled ocean plastic, organic cotton and upcycled materials, we're making items that help protect the very environments we depends on for our adventures.


We've been awarded "Most Ethical Climbing Brand" by the Ethical Consumer trade body out-performing Black Diamond, Prana and even Patagonia!


It's our way of saying "no" to fast fashion, "yes" to protecting the climate and "absolutely" to a life spent outdoors.

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