Black Friday the 3RD ROCK way

Black Friday the 3RD ROCK way

Warm and fuzzy is the new black 

Black Friday for us is always about a charitable cause and helping OUR PEOPLE, OUR PLANET, it’s another chance for us to do some good and this year will yet again be all about that, but slightly different. 


Clmbers Against Cancer



We all want to treat our loved ones to something special, and Black Friday is the perfect time to get something at a great price. Considering the time of year, the state of the global economy, and the ever increasing costs of living. 3RD ROCK will be offering garments at totally bargain prices. 


We appreciate it will help people get sustainable clothing for themselves, their friends, and families. If this brings people in to the sustainable fashion world for the first time, that’s even better, and it puts a big smile on our faces.


Not only can you feel like you've grabbed a total bargain this weekend but you can get that 'just sunk a rather large mulled wine warm and fuzzy feeling inside' because 3RD ROCK will also be donating 10% of the profits from your purchase to Climbers Against Cancer


This is a great charity that raises awareness and funds to help in the fight against cancer, and we’ve supported them for some time. So everyone who buys something over Black Friday will literally be supporting those who are finding a cure for this life-ruining disease. Now you deserve that mulled wine, big time.


These discounts won’t run for weeks and weeks, so it really is a Black Friday offer to take advantage of as quickly as possible.

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