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Feb 22, 2016

SKAT vs EDEN trousers by Jemma Powell & Michaela Tracy

by Alice Hafer We've asked these two inspiring women to give their opinions on our two most popular climbing trousers. If you've been wanting a more detailed perspective, we're lucky to have... READ MORE

Sep 07, 2015

Did You Know We're ORGANIC?

by Alice Hafer 3rd Rock is passionate about more than clothing. Firmly passionate about recycling and sourcing organic materials, 3rd Rock is proud to say our clothing is made with our... READ MORE

Jan 20, 2014

Is it big enough? Is it good enough? Lucky you!

by Guy Mor How 'GOOD' can a chalk bag be? Well... We've tried to do to good for both you and the environment with ours.   UNIQUE, one off fabric is UPCYCLED,... READ MORE