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What is Our Earth Collection?


As part of our company ethics, we donate £1 towards charities that take care of our planet and it's people. Every time you purchase one of our Earth Collection items, we donate to one of these charities.

3rd Rock was founded to make a difference not only in the way that clothing is made, but to help the earth that we live in and it's people.  

The Earth Collection was designed to raise awareness to important issues and campaigns we care about. Your purchase of an item in our Earth Collection gives a donation to organisations that help find solutions to global issues. 

Our organic Crash Tee was designed with the Rhinos in mind. We we're inspired by the term, which means a group of Rhinos. Rhinos like many other animals on our planet are endangered and we decided to jump on board helping them stay alive. See all the Earth Collection items: here.


Every time you buy an organic Crash Tee, we donate to the 
IUCN. The IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) helps the world find pragmatic solutions to our most pressing environment and development challenges. One of which is the illegal poaching of rhinos.

Find out more about the IUCN here.

The organic Beevis Vest & Beetlejuice Tee were designed as part of our Save the Bees campaign.  The Orbit Tees, Vests & Leggings all donate to help better the earth. See all the Earth Collection: here.


We donate £1 from every item purchased from our Earth Collection to one of our nominated charities who campaign for things we believe in:

  • Environmental Justice
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Human rights


 Your purchase makes a difference!

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