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Welcome to the 3RD ROCK challenge

Plenty of time on your hands?
That means it’s time to raise spirits and heart rates with a new 3RD ROCK challenge! And what’s a challenge without friends to share it with?
Each week, we throw down a new challenge.
Each week, we smash that challenge as a community, and pick a random winner to receive an item from our brand new SS20 collection.
This week's challenge is back to basics-push ups. Can we amass a thousand push ups in 48 hours?
If we hit the 1k mark, we'll give away an item of our SS20 collection to one lucky participant.
Sound like fun? Well let’s get our challenge on! Share your entries with us by uploading to Instagram, and tagging us @3rdrocking and using the #3rdrockchallenge tag.
Got an idea for a weekly challenge? We’re all ears! Just don’t ask us to do handstands 😉


This week's challenge:

Push ups. How many can you contribute over the weekend?


How many push ups can our community total...

Joint effort so far:

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