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We are looking for WARRIORS who are avid Climbers/Yogis and picture/video takers who love 3RD ROCK and would like to get involved help us product-test and promote our garments to their community of friends and followers.

Our Warrior Affiliate Program offers a way to turn your website's traffic or social media following into legitimate revenue while promoting a brand with strong values and give your community an opportunity to discover some of the highest quality climbing and activewear available on the market!



Product value of

Up to £500

Commission on sales


Performance bonus


Your own personal discount code


Early-bird access to new collections and releases



Since we will only partner with Warriors that align with our brand and already participate in activities that resonate with us and our followers you don't really need to do anything out of the ordinary apart from the following:

  • It's a 3 month agreement
  • Commit to wear 3RD ROCK's garments in at least 80% of active pursuits for the duration of this partnership (in real life and social media posts). Meaning, at least 8 out of 10 of your posts around climbing/yoga/etc should be while wearing 3RD ROCK)
  • Tagging #3rdrockclothing & @3rdrockclothing in all social media posts where you are wearing 3RD ROCK
  • Add "3RD ROCK Warrior" or "@3rdrockclothing Warrior" in your bio for the duration of the partnership
  • Create 4 original content promotional timeline posts (at least one of them a reel) for the duration of the partnership. See tab below for promotional posts examples

Example: if you normally post 15 times per month, and 10 of those are climbing/yoga related images, at least 8 posts should be of you visibly wearing our outfits. All of those posts should be tagged with @3rdrocking. On top of that, you should create at least 1 promotional post per month (see below), total of 4 for the duration of the agreement.


In order to become an affiliate you need to have an active social media account, YouTube channel or website/blog.

We get asked this a lot so for example, we normally look for 5,000 followers on Instagram or more with 10% engagement rate

We look for individuals that align with our brand's ethos. Are you a climber? Yogi?


Fill in the application form by clicking the button below (if we approached you, you can skip that part).

If approved, we will get in touch and sign a friendly agreement. Once that's signed, we will agree on a collection of garments with the above value that you love and get that shipped over to you.

Once the garments arrive with you, and you are happy with them (they fit you and you love them!) the 3 month contract starts.

We will set you up on our system and give you your unique discount code.

And that's it! for the next 3 months, every time you go climbing or practice yoga, just remember to wear your 3RD ROCK garments and when you post on your social media platform, just tag us :)


Meet Billy. Billy is a climber and is very active on Instagram taking videos of himself bouldering in his local gym. If Billy is climbing wearing 3RD ROCK garments but nothing is mentioned about the brand or the garments apart from the mandatory @3rdrocking tag or mention, that is NOT a promotional post.

One day, Billy received a new pair of Hiro trousers from 3RD ROCK which he loves. He decided to post about the new trousers that he received mentioning why he likes them. The post is about the garment or the brand. That is a promotional post.

We only ask for a very minimal amount of promotional-type posts so there's very little disruption to your normal feed to keep it authentic.


Promotional posts could be talking about the brand, the ethos, sharing an event or a collection update.


  1. Unboxing video
  2. Review of a garment (photo of you wearing it and then describing your experience). It doesn't have to be a long essay... it could be a few sentences, like HERE 
  3. Video of you wearing the garment and talking about it


  • Only applicants 18 years of age may enter our programme
  • Please insure every effort is gone into choosing your correct size (we're happy to help) as Warriors will be required to pay the shipping fees for any returns or resends to and from their address. 3RD ROCK will only cover the initial outbound shipping fee.
  • Free & purchased items are all subject to availability & stock.
  • 3RD ROCK reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any point
  • By entering, you are consenting to our usage of your photos and videos generated as part of this partnership across all of our social media accounts (website, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and for all other advertising purposes and will have no future claims for those materials.
  • By applying you are consenting to the Terms and Conditions listed here.


  • Social Media accounts must be PUBLIC so that we can see your posts.
  • Must have an active account & use your social media accounts regularly.
  • Please only apply if you are willing to accept our Warrior terms.

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