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Shop Small; Christmas Gift Guide

Welcome to our best of the rest Christmas gift guide! It feels like there's no time like the present to shout out other small businesses who've caught our eye that we think you'll love.

We've packed it full of indipendent gift ideas for any active afficionado in your life; the yogis, the adventurers and the climbers.

So matter whether they've been naughty or nice, a gift bought from an indipendent business is sure to not only show them how much you care but also, how much you value strong and indipendent businesses doing things the right way.

For the Yogi's...

Need the perfect gift for that zen Yogi in your life but not sure where to start? We've got you covered with our top suggestions from the best brands we know.

ecoYoga Jute Mat: £45

UK Based brand ecoYoga have been making top quality yoga products in Scotland since 2003. Creating products from natural materials encourages an earthly connection with your practice, no matter where you flow.

The ecoYpga Jute 4mm Yoga mats have a 100% natural rubber underside which grips to the floor, so the only movement happening is part of your pose!

The topper is a hessian and rubber mix which creates a durable, tactile and natural surface.

Jute is a natural fiber that can be spun into course threads that taken on the texture of it's environment, meaning a jute yoga mat becomes a truly personal mat the more it's used.

Ekotex Yoga Bolster: £42

Another Yoga brand from Scotland! Ekotex Yoga have created an organic cotton Yoga Bolster which you can choose to fill with buckwheat, spelt husk or kapok.

Tightly packed to offer support during meditation, restorative and yin yoga, the bolster inserts can also be removed for washing and remoulding.

Abbie Sweet founded Ekotex Yoga in 2017 and soon became a working mum-much like our founder Jessica Mor, we have big respect for all the mothers heading up small businesses!

A brand that is plastic packaging free, from the factory to your door and committed to offering beauitiful, ethical and durable yoga mats and props. What's not to like?


Support your local Yoga Teacher or Studio: £ various

Yoga classes are a perfect way to calm the mind and train the body, a January essential if you ask us!

Why not treat a loved one to a voucher, a set of classes or a retreat this Christmas?

The British Wheel of Yoga can help you find the closest teacher or class to your nearest and dearest, meaning no matter how far away, you can give the gift of a clean mind, a healthy body and after a busy festive season...a little welcome calm.

For the adventure enthusiasts...

For those that have a keen sense of adventure, we've compiled a few top picks to suit any adventurous soul in your life you'd like to treat.

Crackpacs - Recycled Backpacks: from £85

Starting with the classic Ikea bag, CrackPacs founder Matt Crack has spent the last 10 years learning how to sew and create backpacks from waste materials.

Retired climbing ropes, reused canvas tents, tent pole handles, ground sheet bottoms and tent linings now make up the majority of Crackpacs Recycled backpacks. As Matt often says, "there's a use for everything!"

Born of a desire to make, mend and be a part of the solution, these packs are the perfect gift for the eco concious adventurer in your life.

Recycled gear never looking so stylish!

Lizzy Quickdraws Personal Painting: from £85

Based in Bristol, Lizzy Lee is a climber, artist and adventure lover translating her love of the outdoors into paintings.

A regular contributor to Beta magazine, her work has graced it's covers, each displaying beautiful colours and intimate perspective of the sport.

Currently taking commissions, send Lizzy a good quality photo of your friends in the wild and she can create something highly personal and extrememly beautiful!

Potbelly Boards: from £65

Traditional, handcrafted wooden belly boards for those who just love to be in the sea.

Handmade in Falmouth, Cornwall, Pot Belly Boards was set up by a trio of environmentally conscious surf enthusiasts, who were fed up of seeing their favourite surf spots littered with single use, polystyrene body boards.

There are childrens options available and with personalisable art and sustainably sourced materials, these boards would make a great gift for friends and family who spend most of their time water dwelling.

Waterhaul Sunglasses: from £60

Sunglasses, made of 100% recycled fishing net waste. Designed in Cornwall, made in Northern Italy.

Waterhaul was born from a need to address plastic pollution in our seas and on our beaches with a desire to turn waste into resource. It turns out fishing nets durable enough to last 500 years in the Ocean make some pretty sturdy sunglasses!

For every pair sold, Waterhaul also donate to mangrove reforestation projects and invest in outreach education programmes to focus on the solutions to the plastic crisis, as well as the problems it causes.

That's a whole lot of gift in one pair of sunnies!

For the Climbers...

Got a rock junkie in your life you just can't think of the perfect gift for?

We've colated some of the best ideas for truly a truly unique prezzie.

Customised Climbing Hold: £18.50

3RD ROCK ambassador James Taylor and founder of Taylor Made Holds creates FCS certified climbing holds from his workshop in the climbing heart of the UK-North Wales.

After a decade of climbing all over the world, James has perfected his craft and now creatrd holds that are perfect for home training, with artwork inspired climbing trips that are sure to connect with the climber in your life.

Take your pick of famous crags from around the world and even add a personalised message on the front and back of the hold for a truly personal touch.

Soap on a Rope: £9.95

Crag swag designed and made in Sheffield! Scavenger work to explore the reuse of materials that would normally go to waste and believe that every piece of retired climbing equipment can be reborn with the right expertise, a little creativity and a lot of love.

With dedicated recycling points at climbing walls throughout the UK, you never know, you might just see that lucky rope that you retired enjoying a new lease of life.

Inventive and creative products include Repurposed rope zip pouches, harness belts and the ingenious… soap on a rope.

Because what climber doesn't need a bit of soap after a long day at the crag?

Pongoose Clipstick from: £85

A product that does what it says on the tin, Pongoose is the brainchild of Robin and Katie Rendall. Two passionate climbers who wanted to improve the existing equipment available on the market.

Robin's father came up with the concept of using a single piece of flat aluminium to hold a carabiner with its gate open. A few design iterations down the line and the unique head of the Pongoose clip stick was formed.

Strong advocates for local bolt funds that provide essential voluntary work to maintain sport crags both in the UK and abroad, Pongoose donate to their local bolt fund in Dorset to keep the crag and its paths safe and open to everyone. A great gift for giving back!

Cloud Balm Skincare: £8

Beeswax straight from a Staffordshire hive for your flapper ridden hands? 100% natural, 100% UK made by climbers, for climbers.

Cloud balm create natural skincare products for not only for climbers, but anyone with dry hands from shea butter and beeswax.

Sold in a recyclable tin, the products are long lasting and great for throwing in your bag on the move. What more could the keen climber want in a gift?

A Feeling For Rock Book: £13.99

A collection of peotry, cartoons, essays and interviews interspersed with technical tip and photos, A Feeling For Rock encapsulates everything we love about climbing and it's community.

Written by Sarah-Jane Dobner, a life long climber and creative thinker:

Rock climbing has shaped my body, my bookshelves, my home, my holidays, the clothes I wear, the vehicle I drive, how I spend my money and what happens when I die. I am a product of the rock. The dynamic is visceral, spiritual, intellectual and emotional – no area untouched by this curious hobby.”

This is a book that explores beautifully why we climb. What better gift for the budding and experienced climber this Christmas?

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