Hometown: Cocoa, USA
Resides: Las Vegas, USA
Years Climbing: 8

Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.'
- Lewis Caroll


  • 8b+ End of Days, Mt Charleston (First Female Ascent)
  • Just saying E6/12b
  • 7c+ Soavadia 700m big wall (First Female Ascent / 4th ascent)
  • 8a/+ Sport
  • 7c Sport onsight
  • 8A/V11 Electric Copper, Rocklands
  • 8A/V11 Awunda, Rocklands
  • 7C+ Bouldering
  • 2016 Senior Female Blokfest Champion
  • 3rd Place USA CCS National Competition
  • 1st Superbloc Student Comp 2016
  • 2nd LUBE Comp Series 2016

Alice started climbing at her local university climbing club at the Tally Rock Gym in Tallahassee, Florida. Cursed to take up the sport in the most mountainous region in the USA, her love of the sport was undeterred, taking trips with her friends driving up to 12 hours for just two days climbing in LRC.

‘Climbing is the only sport that I never tire of. Something about you being in what feels like full control of how hard you can try makes it so unique. By breaking through your own mental barriers, you can achieve great things.'

She took 3rd in a USA collegiate national competition before moving to the UK, where she took up sport climbing as well as continuing competition climbing. In 2016, she was the Senior Female Blokfest Champion.

'I have an overwhelming desire to share things with people and to connect with them and this I find so easily in the climbing community. It's what makes it so special a sport.'

Alice is a yoga teacher, makes films and writes a blog on the side, but also hasn't given up her first career ambition, to join the CIA as an undercover spy.