Video inspiration

Hey! :)

In a few short but supercharged years social media videos (*ahem* Tiktok trends and Instagram reels) have gone from an app full of dancing teens to a social media powerhouse. As more of the world’s eyeballs pay attention to videos, we want you to get involved too! Below you can find examples of videos we think you might like; they might be good for you to use as potential inspiration for your own 3RD ROCK videos. 

We have divided the videos into a few categories but they all share the same core elements:
- Have fun wearing our garments
- Keep it lighthearted and in your comfort-zone
- No need for any special effects :)

Just for fun

Seen a latest trend you wanna voiceover in your Titans? 

Found a challenge you wanna complete in your Gaia's?

Wanna show off your weekend wild camping in your Austin's?

Feeling #blessed in your Batabooms?

Okay, okay, the long and short of this one is - it's about you! From dance videos, lip-syncing, cooking challenges, and more! You do you, boo! This category is pretty open to showing off your 3RD ROCK stuff in whatever way you want to - wear it loud and wear it proud! :)

Garments "try on"

Ever heard of a 'Try on Haul'? If this tickles your pickle then get stuck in!  

It’s not necessarily fashion related, but it can be if you want it to be - make it your own!

A 'haul video' is generally someone just talking about what they bought, and this is cool if you just want to do this. Whereas a
 'try on haul' means you’re showing what you got AND you’re putting on what you bought to show what it looks like on your body.

Either works for us! Feel free to get creative and fun, but most of all try to keep natural - we want this to look organic :)


If you can buy it, there's an unboxing video for it! Unboxing videos are a spicy new trend on TikTok and Instagram.

If you haven’t already seen one, an unboxing video is exactly what it sounds like. At its core, “unboxing” is the process of recording the moment when a certain product is opened and removed from the packaging it was sold in

Why would people want to watch a person unboxing a package though? I hear you! There's a lot of storytelling in these videos, packaging can be a theatre; and the ritual of unpacking can be special! There's no fancy angles or tricks, it's super simple to do and it tells people a lot about the quality of products, packaging and delivery! 

In Action

These videos are really 'Does this live up to the hype?', and we certainly think that about our stuff, so why not show it off in action!

All of our garments have different technical elements and benefits (oh hey extra pockets and 4-way stretch), all you need to do is get your garments on and head out on your adventures to test them! In action videos are brilliant to give context behind our clothes, seeing them in their natural environment is sure to help people discover our cool new collection!

Hacks, tips, activities (walking, hiking, climbing, paddle boarding!) we want to see it all in your in action videos. Get creative and give people all the #outfitinspo on your adventures in your garments!