3RD ROCK 2016 Halloween Photo Contest - 3RD ROCK Organic Climbwear & Lifestyle Clothing

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Halloween Photo Contest

Welcome to 3RD ROCK's HALLOWEEN 2016 Instagram photo contest!

Want to win £100 to spend with us at 3RD ROCK?  Send us your SPOOKIEST climbing snapshots! Upload and tag us on INSTAGRAM @3rdrocking with the hashtag #WearAndScare

Are you attending a Halloween themed climbing night? Paint your face, wear a costume or climb by the light of the full moon and share your best pictures with us!

No need to be the world’s most SPINE CHILLINGLY good photographer, we’re just looking for EERIE photo’s of climbers having a WICKED time.

Have fun, get creative and remember:

Where there is no imagination, there is no horror. - Arthur Conan Doyle

How to Win:

Head over to our Instagram @3rdrocking, follow us, tag a FREAKY friend in our posts and upload your image using the hashtag #WearAndScare and tag us @3rdrocking in your photo.

Full Terms & Conditions are as follows:

  1. Entries must be HALLOWEEN themed. BONUS POINTS are available for featuring 3RD ROCK items or for using a CLIMBING/OUTDOOR THEME.
  2. To fully enter you must: follow @3rdrocking on INSTAGRAM (not Facebook or Twitter, but that's great too).  You must use our #WearAndScare  hashtag. You must tag @3rdrocking in your images.
  3. You must tag at least one FREAKY friend on one of our @3rdrocking Instagram posts.
  4. By submitting an entry into the 3RD ROCK Halloween photo competition I hereby grant 3RD ROCK unrestricted permission to use my image for any future use such as on Facebook, our website, and Twitter. (We want to show off how good your skills are!)
  5. 3RD ROCK accepts no liability for any injury caused through participation in this event. Be responsible and safe, don’t take unnecessary risks. Always use a spotter.
  6. Deadline for submissions is Tuesday, 1st November at 4pm.
  7. Prize will be in the form of a fantastic 100gbp coupon code and may only be used on www.3rdrockclothing.com
  8. There is no limit on how many entries you submit so get creative!