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Our Studio - The madness

Our Studio - The Madness

Studio 1

It all started in 2010 in a 1.5m x 2.5m balcony room in our apartment in Tel Aviv, with the kitchen door used as a pattern cutting table and a sewing machine from the 1950's. This is where the original developments took place and 3RD ROCK was born. 

Team Mates of the fluffy variety

Phoebe was the first, a husky/golden retriever mix with icy blue eyes, then came Sushi the little minx from under a Japanese restaurant, followed by Wasabi with an off the wall personality that we will never quite understand.  

From messing up threads on the most complicated of machines, to sitting on computers and changing the spelling on 3000 units of hanging loops, there is never a dull moment with theses 3 ladies around.

Studio 2

The spare bedroom of our apartment in Guy's home town. Where I had many a meltdown between 2012-13 in the run up to our first delivery. Faced with the trials of communicating with the factory in Hebrew, a crazy language I had only been learning for one year.  

Studio 3

The most scenic and eccentric of our studios was in 2014 -15. The 'garden room' of our farming village flat. Not only was it surrounded by olive trees, a beautiful balcony and our 7 chickens, it had a bbq outside the window on the 1st floor! 

Studio 4 

We fitted 'the studio' into a container and moved back to the UK in June 2015 with a baby on the way & 3 pets. Our current studio is squished into a large double garage in Derbyshire and the view into the garden is now full of little people.  

Attention please!

Wasabi the diary hijacker

Sushi the desk hog

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