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The 3RD ROCK Spring Launch Games is a climbing festival celebrating all things climbing taking place at the Climbing Hanger, Sheffield in celebration of our new Spring/Summer collection launch.

This year, we are opening it up to the public in a day-festival format with a "for everybody" casual boulder comp, workshops, food and stalls (did someone say free beer?). The "main" event will be the vertical fashion show/bouldering comp with some of the best climbers in the world - a high-quality bouldering competition with a twist:

  • 8 athletes hand picked divided into 4 teams
  • The teams will be selected randomly, and made known to the athletes, live, on the day
  • Teams will be mixed, one female, one male in each team
  • Each team will face 4 rounds, each round will have 2 boulder problems. They will have to decide which athlete climbs which problem, and they cannot swap!
  • Scoring is made of the joint effort of the team

During the event the athletes will be wearing our new collection and you will be able to see it in action and learn more about it directly from our founder and designer - Jessica Mor


The event will take place with our partner on the event The Climbing Hangar, Sheffield. The festival will start at 9am with various workshops and events and the bouldering competition will start at 6pm.

Open to public comp

During the day, all participants can take part in the public comp which will include 25 boulder problems from V0 to V-hard so there's something for everyone.

What workshops are available?

Some of the workshops on offer:

  • Climbing Clinic with Alex Puccio (15 spaces available)
    • Needing little introduction, Alex Puccio is an elite climber, multiple time World Cup Winner and will be covering multiple areas of climbing. Learn a range of techniques from warming up/injury prevention techniques, efficient & dynamic movement, comp style climbing to the mental side of preparing to climb and performing under pressure - open to any level of climbing this is one not to miss!
  • Dynamic Climbing with Louis Parkinson of Catalyst Climbing
    • Ready to take climbing to the next level? Louis workshop will help you level up your climbing. His explosive climbing style and limitless energy will will have you reaching for the skies! During this 60 minute workshop, Louis will share the tips, tricks and movement drills he has developed over the years to improve use of momentum in climbing - a great way to amplify your existing strength so you can float and dance your way up all your future boulders too!
  • Introduction to Weightraining for Climbing with Jamie of Apex Climbing
    • Intro to weight training for climbing, Jamie's practical workshop is designed for climbers who want to enhance their health, fitness and climbing through strength and conditioning. These practical workshops are designed for climbers who want to enhance their health, fitness and climbing ability through strength and conditioning practices. It covers the key technical skills and coaching points, as well as providing the knowledge to incorporate these lifts into your own training safely and effectively. Ultimately aiming to improve overall climbing performance.
  • Efficient Movement Workshop with Be Fuller
    • “It’s all about the base." Join GB Climbing Coach and 3RD ROCK Ambassador Be. Learn to climb harder for longer by pulling less and using your lower body more in Be's Coaching session. Suitable for all levels of ability.
  • Fundementals of Nutrition for Climbing with Sheffield Climbing Clinic
    • Deep dive into the fundamentals of Nutrition for Climbing. Edward Gibson-Smith is a Sport & Exercise Nutrition specialist and will be covering the fundamentals of efficient & healthy nutrition with climbing. More information coming soon.
  • Mental Skills Training with Sports Therapist Emma Wood
    • Learn to master your mind with a focus on overcoming fear and taking control of your mindset and mental capacity when climbing. In this workshop, Emma will ask you 5 questions to make you think more deeply about your climbing, and what you can do to optimise your approach, focussing on areas including confidence, motivation, fear, self awareness, and climbing relationships. As everyone is different, this workshop is designed to make sure each person can tailor what they learn to them specifically. By the end of the session you’ll have a selection of techniques to try out, and have a clearer sense of what you can do to get the most out of your climbing.

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What stalls will be there?

Some of the stalls and services on offer:

  • Unparallel Shoe Demo
    • Hand made with over 20 years of shoe making experience, Unparallel shoes are designed for better performance to ensure that your climbing experiences are better than ever. With a range of shoe styles to try, you can find the perfect style and fit for your climbing goals.
  • Griptonite Motherboard Demo
    • Unleash your beast! Designed in conjunction with Beastmaker, the Griptonite Motherboard gathers data from your hangboard workout and delivering live data on your performance so you can better track and influence your training. Come and try out the Motherboard demo, challenge your friends on the day-who can pull the hardest?
  • Mulch & The Broken Thing Clothing & Kit Repair
    • Anna of Mulch Repairs will be in attendence on the day to answer your repair questions and help quote for a fix on your favoruite pieces of kit! You'll be able to drop your over-loved items off with Anna who will give you a real-time quote before taking your items away to repair and return to you brand new. (Please note, Anna will not be repairing on the day, but will repair and return to you within an agreed time period).
  • Climbers Against Cancer
    • Needing no introdcution, the CAC team will be in attendence to bring the psyche and offer you a range of products to support every climbers favourite charity.
  • Seabass Draws
    • Sebastian Lopez is a creator of beautiful climbing and wild places based artwork. They'll be in attendence providing you with plenty of options to brighten up your indoor space with some outdoor inspired beauty.

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The athletes will be divided into four mixed gender teams of two, on the day!

Athletes competing:



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