Sun Tee

Encompassing incredible mountain-scapes and the texture of trees, the SUN Tee features our iconic hand-drawn landscape design on the back, highlighting the holy trinity we need to protect: Bees, Trees and Seas.

Habitat Tee Aqua

Home is where the trees are. Our uplifting HABITAT print is designed to show the importance of trees and forests in creating and maintaining homes for an incredible number of species.

For each Tee sold, a charity donation goes to reforesting destroyed habitats from the horrific Australian bush fires and helping restore lost wildlife.

Carabiner There Vest

The CARABINER Vest will make you climb harder, or at least look cooler.

We’re bringing back the nostalgia with this creative throwback to the good ‘ole days on the cliff, when rock climbing was also about freedom of expression... through fashion.

Bright colours and funky prints are always part of the game for us. Stand out from the rock or go home.