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Win up to £1000 with us on TikTok!

It's Jess & Guy here, the founders of 3RD ROCK. As you might know, 3RD ROCK is a family-run business with big ambitions! 😊
We'd love for you to team up with us, and instead of spending our marketing budget on ads, we'd like to spend it on, well, you!
We’re offering exclusive perks to any of our fans that share 3RD ROCK on TikTok.
How does it work? Glad you asked!
For every 1,000 views on a post we liked, you earn tokens that can be swapped for £100 of cash, £150 of store credit, a £150 donation, or a 1:1 professional coaching session with Belinda Fuller, one of our ambassadors!
To find out more, just hit the big button below!

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