SATURN - Eco Sports Bra - TANGO (BIG BOOBS/SMALL BOOBS) - 3RD ROCK Organic Climbwear & Lifestyle Clothing

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30"/70cm under-bust
32"/75cm under-bust
34"/80cm under-bust
36"/85cm under-bust
Boob Size
Small Boob
Big Boob

The SATURN is a special cut eco sports bra designed for women with boobs of any size. We’ve developed two cuts to support those boobs, no matter what cup size you are. We don’t believe in judging basaed on cup size.

  • Low Cut for SMALL BOOBS.
  • Higher Wider Cut for BIG BOOBS.
  • We just like saying BOOBS.
  • NO Pressure on your shoulders while you're practicing yoga or climbing.
  • Flattering Exposed Back Cut, to stand-alone or accent under any loose fitting shirt.

FABRIC: 95% Organic GMO Free Cotton.


FIT: Choose from 2 different cuts designed for your size:

  • BB - Big Boobs: recommended for D/DD/E cups. Get ready to fit your lovelies into our Saturn without side spillage or Pamela Anderson cleavage, this cut will keep you in order and under wraps. Also suitable for A/B/C cups for the more modest cut with, a higher neckline and slightly wider sides

    "I personally wear both Saturn cuts depending on how I feel, and both work for me." Jessica - B cup

  • SB - Small Boobs: recommended for A/B/C cups. This cut makes you feel proud and feminine with a lower cut neckline.  If you prefer to cover up your cleavage, then we recommend the BB cut. 

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