Anna Hazlett - 3RD ROCK - Sustainable activewear for climbing & yoga

Anna Hazlett

Hometown: Trabuco Canyon, California
Resides: Santa Barbara, CA

"Have I gone mad? I'm afraid so.

You're entirely Bonkers.
But I will tell you a secret,
All the best people are.”

-Lewis Carroll

  • Career Highlights:
  • Water Hazard Left V10, Sad Boulders, Bishop CA
  • Water Hazard Right V9, Sad Boulders, Bishop CA
  • Soul Slinger V9, Buttermilks, Bishop CA
  • The Brute V9, Santa Barbara, CA
  • Sali Bong V9, Squamish, Canada
  • Checkerboard V8 (R), Buttermilks, Bishop CA

From her first visit to a climbing gym, Anna became obsessed with the quirky, challenging sport. Her first outdoor trip to Joshua Tree sparked a passionate and unquenchable love for nature; she’s been addicted to adventure ever since! For Anna, one of the most wonderful elements of climbing is meeting all the wild characters in it —friends she met on day one are now family.

When I am with a group of psyched climbers, the impossible happens. We overcome the crux mantle, we keep the high-step on the polished foot, and we wake up at 3am for a full-value day of play before returning in time for neuroendocrinology lab."

Anna carries this mentality of physical and mental strength, camaraderie, dedication, and stoke with her into all aspects of her life. In June, Anna will graduate from the University of California, Santa Barbara, with a Biopsychology (B.S., Honors) major and English minor. She loves neurology: imagine applying a neurobiological understanding to fear, adrenaline, stamina, and other aspects of climbing! She also interns at the on-campus physical therapy office, where she tackles injury prevention and recovery. As co-president of UCSB's climbing team, Anna plans outdoor excursions and resets the wall for bi-quarterly competitions. This role gives her the opportunity to not only promote gender and ethnic equality as a Mexican-American woman in the climbing community, but to also help new climbers experience the wonders of climbing outdoors with respect and environmental awareness.

As I venture into the unknown, I hope to keep a clear head and a wild heart: climbing is dangerous, but if done right, it can be the most inspiring and life-changing adventure.'

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