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Daniela Ebler

Hometown: Stockholm

Currently Resides: Wherever life takes me

Local Crag: Klättercentret, the indoor gym ;P

Favourite Crag: Odyssey, Kalymnos


How did you get into climbing?

Actually, it was my mom who started it all. She wanted my brother to get away from the computer, which was not very easy because he didn’t really like anything, but she found climbing and he actually liked it! So she put him in climbing school and joined a climbing course herself. To practice the exercises that she got and to spend more time in the climbing gym, she needed a belayer. So she had me and my sister take a top rope course. We went to the gym with her a couple of times a week. After about 6-8 months of indoor climbing my mom took my brother and me to Thailand for climbing and after that I was really hooked! I had so much fun and I loved the lead climbing so much!

What is it you love most about climbing?

That you can do it basically anywhere in the world and you get to see so many nice sceneries while doing it. And, of course, the climbing society. Everyone is always super friendly and nice!

Who was the biggest influence in your climbing?

I’ve met so many people who has influenced my climbing, but the biggest one so far is my boyfriend. :P He has really changed the way I look at climbing, and most importantly, the way I look at myself when climbing. I’m enjoying climbing so much more now and breaking a lot of old barriers.

When did you start to take climbing more seriously?

I think that I knew as soon as I started that climbing would be my life. But when I started competing, after winning my first Swedish Championship, that’s when I started to step my climbing up and actually set goals for myself!

Proudest ascent in climbing?

A V4/5 High ball flash at Bishop (I never figured out the name of it). It’s not my hardest climb but I’m so afraid of high boulders, and before I got on this one I thought, ’ok, let’s just try the start and see how it feels and maybe I can work my way up to the top.’ All of a sudden, I’m at the top and I’m getting really nervous cause it’s high and there’s actually a small dynamic move to the ledge. I was not far away from freaking out when I realized there’s no turning back! But with everyone cheering and the camera man at top pointing at the good part, I held it together and did it! I couldn’t believe it when I got up - I was super happy and really really relieved! :D

What is your favourite type of climbing?

I don’t have a favorite, I love it all! But, I’m better at the slightly overhanging (almost vertical) climbs and I’m really bad with pinches. For some reason I always hear people telling me I should eat more burgers… :P


What do you do when you’re not climbing?

Yoga :D

What is it about climbing that keeps you doing it for so long?

It always challenges me. I never feel satisfied, I always want more!

What’s your ape index?


Why do you love 3RD ROCK?

I really like that they are thinking about more than just the clothes. They are thinking about the environment and working actively to make it better. Also the designs are amazing!

What is your favourite 3RD ROCK item?

Solstice leggings

Can you offer your best training secret?

Keep it fun and try new things! Breaking barriers is always about getting outside your comfort zone :)

If you could summarise your outlook on life in a sentence what would it be?

I’d rather be rich in experiences than in money.

Goals and projects for 2016?

I have to many goals to be written down here ;) but I have a 8a project in Margalef that I’m going back to in February.


  • 1st place Swedish Bouldering Championship 2014
  • 1st place Swedish Bouldering Championship 2011
  • Inti Raymi, 7b+ Onsight
  • 7c lead