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Edwin Teran

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Resides: Boulder, Colorado
Years Climbing: 11

Career Highlights:

  • • Pipedream (8b+); Maple Canyon, Utah
  • • Transworld Depravity (8b+); Red River Gorge, Kentucky
  • • Omaha Beach (8b+); Red River Gorge, Kentucky
  • • Wyoming Sheep Shagger (8b); Maple Canyon, Utah
  • • Swingline (8b); Red River Gorge, Kentucky
  • • La femme blanche (8a+); Céüse, France
  • • Full Chaos (7C+/V10); RMNP, Colorado
  • • PThrow Yourself Away (7C+/V10); Rocklands, South Africa
  • • Life Matters Low (7C+/V10); Guanella Pass, Colorado

'I love how climbing tests the body as much as the mind.  My favorite sensation in climbing has to be the fight to finish a route.  That feeling you get when your forearms are totally pumped out and yet, somehow you keep climbing, keep moving up despite the fatigue.'

In between sunbathing and mojitos on the beach, Edwin began his long-term relationship with climbing on the beaches of Railey, Thailand. Maybe it was the tropical paradise, but Edwin didn’t have a chance and soon was hooked. Inspired by a full time ‘dirtbag,’ Edwin’s traditional job + career path was blown to the mind and he pursued a more colourful path. Now a professional photographer, full-time climber and ecological field instructor, Edwin is truly ‘living the dream.’

‘Perhaps the proudest ascent in my climbing has been Omaha Beach (8b+) in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky.  Before trying this climb, my hardest redpoint was 8a+, but I was drawn to it and felt like I could do it if I worked really hard.  I set the goal to climb that route, and it filled me with motivation..I trained in the alpine..areas of Colorado, started hiking and running at high elevations, scrambling through talus fields, drinking water from alpine lakes, and climbing on the granite boulders.  Looking back, I enjoyed the process of preparing for the route almost more than climbing the route itself.’

The love of a challenge comes easily to Edwin. Before his climbing career, Edwin dabbled in competitive motorcycle racing growing up in Ecuador.  He won several National championships in Ecuador, as well as a few races abroad, and even got to compete in the Motocross World Cup. Edwin loves drawing with pen and ink, long, pumpy steep endurance routes and taking incredible photos along the way.

‘If you're travelling for climbing, the chances of running into the same people in different parts of the world are pretty high.  Little by little, you get to know those climbers that are travelling and you start building friendships with people from all over the place.’

Edwin's goals for 2018:

To climb his first 8c sport route and to travel. He'd like to visit Spain, France, and possibly Norway.

Follow Edwin:
Instagram @edwinteran