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Harriet Ridley

Hometown: Glan Conwy, North Wales (originally Norwich, Norfolk)
Resides: Carbondale, Colorado

‘I once had a garden filled with flowers that grew only on dark thoughts, but they need constant attention & one day I decided I had better things to do.’ - Brian Andreas

Career Highlights:

  • • The Mage 8a+ (.13c), The Frying Pan, Colorado.
  • Re-establishment ascent of Control 8a+ (.13c), Redstein, Colorado.
  • • Statement of Youth 8a, Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales.
  • • Dance Bitches 8a (.13b), The Narrows, Colorado.
  • • Blowfish 8a (.13b), Redstein, Colorado.
  • • Red Faction 7c+ (.13a), The Narrows, Colorado.
  • • I’ve been a bad bad boy, 7c, Lower Pen Trwyn, North Wales.
  • • Prison Sex 7c (.12d), Tensleep, Wyoming (onsight).
  • • Right Wall E5 6a, Cromlech, North Wales (onsight).
  • • Just another day/Scorch the earth E5 6a, Pembroke (onsight).

A picturesque beginning to climbing, Harriet started her decade of pursuit on the Idwal Slabs as a young girl. Coming from a family of purists, Harriet’s climbing was restricted to heavy hexes and steel biners more than triple her age until her move to North Wales.

‘Climbing isn’t just a physical activity, it’s mental too: problem solving, calculating risk, remembering sequences, overcoming fear. It can, at times, demand so much from you that it is completely consuming, and that provides a welcome relief from my otherwise incessant thinking...’

Taken aback by Snowdonia, her love for climbing was even more obvious and since she’s gone on to send 8a+ onsight E5 and re-establish an 8a+ ‘Control’ in Colorado. Despite a serious climbing accident in 2015 decking out in Pembroke, Harriet continues to push her limits in climbing.

‘I love climbing with ropes: trad, sport, multi-pitch, single-pitch. I love a good bit of sport because I love being able to climb at my absolute limit and not be scared.’

On the side, Harriet also dabbles in needle felting and textile art, has a PhD in Climate Geochemistry and moonlights as a freelance science editor as well as working for Big Stone Publishing.

‘Climbing also comes with a whole culture, a community of like-minded people who appreciate their bodies, their minds and the outdoors…which makes it so much more than just a sport...’


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