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Jemma Powell

Hometown: Chorley, England
Resides: Costa del Colwyn, North Wales 

“Throw those curtains wide, One day like this a year will see me right.”
-'One Day Like This,' Elbow

I love having to really throw for a move and grit your teeth to hold it.’

Career Highlights:
         • 5 times consecutive Jr British Bouldering Champion
         • French Open Champ ’99 Albertville
         • 3rd EYC Arco 2001
         • 5th WYC Canteleu 2002
         • 10 O’Clock Saturday Morning E7 6c
         • Rock Atrocity 7c
         • Fish Pie 7c+
         • Sprung 7c
         • Roof of a Baby Buddah 7c+
         • Corridors of Power 7c+/8a
         • Stoned Temple Pilots 8a

Jemma Powell is an English teacher by day and climber by night. Jemma is one of a handful of women in the UK to have bouldered 8a (v11), and even more remarkably this was after the birth of her son Max. Jemma has been a competitive gymnast and also dabbles in a bit of mountain biking, winning first place in multiple long races as well as cycling 1000 miles across France in 14 days.

‘I’m addicted to pushing myself.I love to push myself as far as I can...I think I like aching in the morning, really...I can’t live happily without climbing...It’s about exploring, being outside, an adventure...It’s a good way of escaping real life. When I'm climbing I'm not really thinking.'

Both of Jemma’s parents were keen climbers, but stifled by her phobia of rubber, she was more entertained collecting shotgun shells and plastic bottles. It wasn’t until winning a competition at 6 years old that the fire ignited - and soon she was Junior British Bouldering Champ for 5 consecutive years.

‘The walk to the crag, the company that you keep and the beauty of your surroundings are as much a part of your success at the end of the day as ticking a problem.'


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