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Jerome Mowat

Hometown: London, UK
Currently Resides: Sheffield, UK

Years Climbing: 11

Career Highlights:
  • 54 sport ascents of 8a and higher
  • • My Piano E8 6b Onsight
  • • Marie Rose 6a Flash in Fontainebleau
  • • 8a Sport Onsight
  • • 7c Boulder

Recent Ascents:

  • La Mala 8b, Chulilla
  • •Predator 8b, Malham
  • •The Terrace, 7c/V9, Peak District
  • •Hohenzone 7c/V9, Magic Wood

‘What I love about climbing is that you can travel half-way across the world and make a connection with random strangers.’

Jerome started climbing at a terrific rock-climbing birthday party at the young age of 14 at the Westway Climbing Centre. Once they finished the cake and made it to the top, Jerome has hooked.

‘If I could be any animal I would be a flea - imagine the dyno you could pull off!’

Although dedicated to his training, Jerome enjoys moonlighting as a paramedic, as it allows him to bypass the speed limits at any time with flashing blue lights. Jerome still claims his biggest climbing achievement is flashing Marie Rose 6a in Fontainebleau.

Follow Jerome:
Instagram @pebble_crusher