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Kyuri Lin

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Currently Resides: On the road
Years Practising/Teaching: 7 / 4

‘Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness.’
-Eckhart Tolle

Kyuri began her yoga journey in 2011 after a difficult time in her life. She has been the type to work constantly without passion or purpose other than for financial security first in Visual Marketing then in Property Management. That all changed after her yoga practice began.

After facing a difficult turn of events in her life, instead of opting for the same addictive behaviours that lead her astray in the past, she decided to full heartedly dedicate herself to her yoga practice. 

I wanted to share my practice with fellow travelers, live a more Eco consciousness lifestyle, cleaning up beaches and forests, and open people up to more opportunities to travel. - Kyuri

After 3 years of practising yoga, she wished to share the practice with others because of the evolution that took place within her. So her training began.  
She studied with Caroline Klebl, an Ashtanga instructor who studied under pattabhi jois for over 20 years, and recieved her 200hr RYT certificate. Since then she has set up her private practice that served all over Los Angeles and Orange County. 3 years and over 1800 teaching hours into her career, another evolutionary trip began to take shape. 

She is now living on the road full time driving from Alaska to Argentina that will take 1.5 years to complete. The pure joy and passion for teaching & her love of the outdoors has brought her here and it has made her a student of the world. She teaches yoga along her route and will be returning to Vancouver, Canada to complete her 1000 hour yoga therapy training in 2019. 

For any adventure seeks that is interested in flying out to camp with us in any of the future locations of the trip, we would be happy to have you. - Kyuri

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Follow our journey and meet us in South America to climb, yoga kayak and mountain bike.

2010 MA Indian Religions, School of Oriental and African Studies, Distinction

2009 Richard Freeman 200 Hour Teaching Training

2008 Life Centre Education 200 Hour Teacher Training