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Or Wechsler

Or Wechsler, 23 years old. Psychology student, I'm living in Tel Aviv and working at the local gym. Although I'm a competition climber, I enjoy rock climbing whenever I can. For me nothing compares to bolting a new line in a beautiful crag and trying it with friends. I'm in the lead climbing team of Israel and I'm competing at the IFSC lead World Cup.

How did you get into climbing?

Well, I was 9 years old and went down the mall Dizingof-Center in Tel Aviv. There was an outdoor store with a small climbing gym (really small. I mean really!) I tried it and fell for it immediately. Then I kept going there, twice a week. Whenever there weren't any customers, the seller, who is a great climber, gave me boulder problems and I didn't stop trying until I nailed those. I knew all the products in the store and helped customers when it was busy. Since then I try to always remember that excitement I had whenever I saw this tiny climbing wall at the mall.

What is it you love most about climbing?

The challenge, the subjective feeling of flying that I would never be able to explain. The outdoors, the freedom of it, friends, community the friction of ancient rock.

Biggest achievement in climbing?

Climbing is my biggest passion, therefore my biggest achievement is actually being able to combine studies and work, and I've learn that it is really important and even helps you progress.

What’s your ape index?


What do you do when you’re not climbing?

I enjoy reading, writing, playing basketball and being at the beach.

Best place you’ve climbed?

Israel – Michmash. Sound stupid I know because I've climbed in Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Italy, Turkey and Austria and all of those countries have much better crags than Israel, but when I see all the potential rock in Michmash my heart beats a bit faster (maybe it's just the long approach).

Why do you love 3RD Rock?

Beside the fact that I think the clothes are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I agree with the agenda 3rd Rock stands for. I must say that I simply like the people I'm working with.

Favourite 3rd Rock item?

That is definitely the hardest one so far^.

Just one?!

Well I'm torn between the nova pants (the best pants I've ever had) and the Polaris hoodie – the best Jedi hoodie ever!!!!! (Imagine the last sentence in a 13 years old girl voice).

 If you could be any animal what would it be and why?

Monkey, definitely monkey, just to have a tail I could play with and clip the rope with!!!!!!!!!.

Treehouse or cavehouse?

Treehouse, still a dream to have one! Maybe for my kid…. (will be big enough for me and I might make a really hard route that kids can't do yet in order to get in it :)

Cheese or wine?

Both – one without the other is like climbing without chalk.

Falafel or houmous?

Houmous! I'm an athlete after all…

Goal for 2015?

To keep improving and being the best climber I can be.