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Tiffany Wen

Hometown: Seattle, Washington

Currently Live: Denver, Colorado

Years Climbing: 10

‘No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.’
- Aesop

Career Highlights:

  • Stegasaur 7B+/V8, Hueco Tanks
  • Skipper D 7B+/V8, Rocky Mountain National Park
  • Cantina Boy 13b/F8a, Rifle Mountain Park
  • El Delfin 13a/F7c+, Rodellar
  • Kiss that Stings 13a, Rifle Mountain Park
  • Sonic Youth 13a
  • In Your Face 12d/F7c, Rifle Mountain Park


‘Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.’

Despite growing up only a few hours from Squamish, Tiffany only started climbing at her university club. Meeting in a converted racquet ball court-cum-climbing wall, she was stuck top-roping indoors on max 15ft (4.5m) walls. But this didn't pose a problem as she was driving distance to the Red River Gorge, beginning her outdoor career at one of the best sport climbing destinations in the world.

‘One of the things I like most about climbing is the people! I met my husband through those early years in the climbing club, and some of my favorite climbing memories are of going on ill-planned adventures with him and getting hopelessly off route. I also love spending time with friends and trying creative beta that really has no hope of actually working.’

Holding a job as a full-time accountant, Tiffany maximises her spare time with calculated gym sessions, training for her next projects. Tiffany is a fan of long endurance sport routes, particularly those with knee-bars, but to-date she claims her proudest ascent as Skipper D in the alpine bouldering of Rocky Mountain National Park.

‘The first time we went up to this boulder we didn't even climb on it as we took a few wrong turns, sat through a thunderstorm, and finally found it after searching for a few hours. It stands out as special to me ... the only person who went up consistently with me was my husband, who was training for a marathon at the time. He would run 20 miles on Saturdays before lugging pads up to Upper Chaos so I could try it on Sundays. It was just so much effort!’

Tiffany’s goals for 2018:
Tiffany made a whole list for 2018 but then decided to bag it and climb more by the feeling at the time, although she has a few 8a sport routes in mind...

Best training secret?
Desk jobs and training are surprisingly compatible. Make a realistic schedule and plan sessions with fun and motivated partners.

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