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Founded in 2010 by Fashion Designer, Pattern Cutter and climber, Jessica Mor. 3RD ROCK is based in the Peak District, UK and since day 1 we've been paving the way in sustainable activewear & outdoorswear - if it's not sustainable it's not 3RD ROCK!


Join us as we redefine what it means to be sustainably stylish, making a positive impact with every adventure.

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3RD ROCK Journal

An intro to Deep Water Soloing

Jul 9, 2024

An intro to Deep Water Soloing

Ever wondered how you can up the ante of climbing without jumping to Alex Honnold levels of free soloing? Deep water soloing (DWS) might just what you’re looking for. 
Our new sustainable Ecomorph 3.0 denim

Jul 4, 2024

Our new sustainable Ecomorph 3.0 denim

Our EcoMorph denim is a super durable denim with incredible fliexibility, allowing you to climbing, jump, stretch and move with no restriction. We take pride in our sustainable jeans that don't restrict you - that's the "Morph" of EcoMorph.

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