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A little Q&A with our Mamabear for Mother's Day

Ever wondered how Jess manages to keep the balance between running a buzzing business and being parent of 2? Well, wonder no more!


We forced Jess to slow down for 5 minutes so we could ask her to spill the beans on how she rocks the dual roles of a hands on, awesome Mum and a business owner.

If you need an idea of how awesome Jess is: she was back working 2 days after giving birth... 💪

Jess, the founder of 3RD ROCK, playing around on our North Wales photoshoot in the Alex Fleece.

Even on a long and windy photoshoot, Jess always brings the energy!

Before we get stuck in, a little bit about 3RD ROCK's Mama: Jess is the powerhouse behind 3RD ROCK, leading the charge with passion, grit, and a whole lot of love for the planet.


Starting out in 2010 with a vision of sustainable outdoorswear, Jess took her experience as a pattern cutter and her love for climbing and mashed them together to create 3RD ROCK.


Beyond her business prowess, Jess is also a devoted mom to two kiddos (and quite a few animals), and that alone is no small feat!


In this chat, Jess gives a glimpse into the realities of balancing motherhood with running a kickass business.


Spoiler alert: it involves a healthy dose of prioritization and some serious multitasking skills!


As a trailblazer in the sustainable fashion world, Jess also works to inspire her little ones to make the world a better place, one eco-friendly garment at a time. It's not just about business for Jess—it's about caring for our beautiful planet and leaving a legacy for her children.


So, grab a cuppa, kick back, and join us as we dive into our chat with Jess.

How do you find juggling 2 little ones and a business? 🤯

It's very difficult and tiring, but thankfully I have the ability to be flexible when needed and I have really great family supporting me.


I cherish every moment with the kids because ultimately I want to spend more time with them than I currently can when I'm working, full time and extra when needed.

How the hell did you work from the maternity ward?? 😲

I do regret pushing myself so hard straight after birth. I am wiser now and I've learned some hard lessons by my mistakes.


Looking back I would give myself more recover time in hindsight.

Jess explaining the story behind why we called our technical midlayer The Reach.

As 3RD ROCK's Mum, do you have a favourite child? 👀

Ooooo I have to go for my partner in crime Mr Mor, the 3RD ROCK daddy ❣️ (sorry team!)

What advise/wisdom would you give to any working Mum's out there? 🦉

I would say don't forget yourself, your rest and health are more important. Don't ignore people telling you that, they are right!


Listen to the advice you give to others and give it to yourself too.


Also, don't feel guilty for the hours you are at work and can't be with the kids, just make the time you do spend with them the absolute best quality time. 💖

An image of Jess casually hanging off the top of a route at Bamford edge called Gargoyle Edge

Jess isn't just a strong Mum & business woman...she's a crusher too 🧗‍♀️ ~ Jess sending Gargoyle Flake at Bamford Edge.

If you had to give a 3RD ROCK product "Mother" status, which would it be? 💅

Gaia jeans hands down!

What Mum's out there inspire you? 💓

Mother nature is the ultimate inspiration!! 🌲⛰️🌊


But obviously my own mother! she's funny, sassy, endlessly supportive and the best mum I could ever wish for (love you mum!)

Some of Jess' top picks

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