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Made for Movement - Cut for Comfort

To truly appreciate the wonder of our garments TRY THEM ON 

Straddle, squat, jump & do the splits. 

Once you do, your superpowers will no longer be restricted. 

WARNING: You may never want to take them off

Our speciality is movement inspired design with unique and innovative cuts that provide better movement & comfort.  ARMS UP CUT, PRESSURE DISTRIBUTION, ARTICULATED KNEES & DIAMOND CUT CROTCH are a few cut features that make our garments special. 

Being a pattern cutter, the fit of a garment is extremely important to me. Clothing should move with you, not restrict you, and it should be so comfortable you forget you are even wearing it.  

by Jessica Mor - Founder or 3RD ROCK

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Strider fit is perfect for climbing 

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Our Design Principals: 

FFF&F = Form Follows Function & Fun!

Make high quality products from high quality materials that last.

Make well-fitting comfortable garments with maximum movement.

Make beautiful & interesting designs with innovative cutting.

Design a cool & bold style with an affiliation to nature and art.

Use thought-provoking prints that highlight important issues.

Encourage repair so what breaks should be fixable (Reduce/Repair/Reuse/Recycle) .