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About Us - 3RD ROCK

Our Story

Founded in 2010 by Fashion Designer, Pattern Cutter and climber, Jessica Mor. 

3RD ROCK is a family run business based in the Peak District. 

"I started 3RD ROCK because I needed to make clothing that is useful, that is worn to death, and that is respectful to the planet and its inhabitants."    Jessica Mor - Founder

After witnessing the negative sides of the industry - environmental abuses, human rights violations, poverty & illness - Jess made it her personal mission to create an alternative type of clothing brand to make a difference. 

Jessica, Guy & the Munchkins - 2018 Fontainebleau

Photoshoot team - Chullia 2017

As a certified designer and pattern cutter, Jessica is well prepared to redefine outdoor style through movement orientated ‘climbwear’ - clothing made specifically for rock climbing. Here is a little video by Epic Tv about us. 

Now 3rd Rock have reached out to Yoga and Fitness specific clothing too.

Guy and Jessica split their time between work and taking care of their little munchkins, Oren & Matilda. 

Working mum - Fittings between feeds 

March 2016 - Derbyshire Studio.  

Working Dad - Fulfilling orders while baby sleeps

Dec 2015 - Derbyshire Studio.


The Team at OutDoor Tradeshow - July 2016, Germany 

Guy the photographer at Studio Shoot - Nov 2016, Sheffield 

Inventory checker - Aug 2016,   Derbyshire studio

3RD ROCK & Sustainability

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