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Organic - Why is it better? 

The cotton industry uses 25% of the world's pesticides. (See the ugly truth below) 

3RD ROCK only ever use Organic Cotton, grown without pesticides. (See the happy healthy way)

The Happy Healthy Way

Symbiotic planting of beans between the cotton plants brings nutrients naturally to the soil, enhances the cotton's growth and also gives the farmers a food crop to feed their families.


Organic cotton farmers and their communities are healthier, as is the ecosystem around them 

THE NATURAL WAY:  chilli, garlic and cows urine are mixed and sprayed onto the crops to deter insects. No wonder that works! 

I went to visit the organic cotton farms in central India and had the pleasure to meet many farmers, and scientists, that give guidance in organic and symbiotic farming methods to achieve good yields''. Jessica Mor - Founder  

The Ugly Truth

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Cotton pesticides kill!

These chemicals are extremely dangerous and have been the cause of death of many 1000's of cotton farmers and their families. One single drop of Aldicarb (a pesticide used on cotton in 26 countries) absorbed on the skin can kill an adult. So just think what it's doing to the groundwater and natural ecosystems in those areas. 

Katharine Hamnett explains in this video:

AND causes environmental catastrophes!

The impact of conventional cotton farming has destroyed the Aral sea! One of the biggest environmental catastrophes of our time. 

The Environmental Justice Foundation explains in this video:   

 We are adamant never to use conventional cotton as it causes human suffering and environmental disasters.