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Jun 22, 2017

The Perfect Women's Climbing Shorts

by Alice Hafer The CHINI are our latest organic climbing shorts for women. We've listened to all our climbers who test our garments and made the perfect summer shorts for you.... READ MORE

Jun 01, 2017

Reach VS Technique

by Guy Mor Shot during our summer 2017 photoshoot in Siruana, Spain. Our ambassadors, Vicki and Jerome onsighting the same route, but in quite a different way :) Jerome using his... READ MORE

May 05, 2017

What Our T-Shirts Really Mean

by Alice Hafer #DontPalmMeOff  Besides doing the best we can to help the environment and protect human rights in our company, we also support those who are also working to save... READ MORE

Apr 26, 2017

Who Made OUR Clothes?

by Alice Hafer   #WhoMadeMyClothes We decided to join the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign as part of #FashionRevolution Week. Clothing comes from a hand and a thread and should be valued. We want to share... READ MORE

Apr 03, 2017

Ambassador Caroline Sinno Sends 8A+/B Project in Font

by Alice Hafer My Biggest Project in Font by Caroline Sinno I've been trying this boulder named La 'Cicatrice de l'Ohm' in Font since the end of last summer. It might seem... READ MORE

Mar 19, 2017

New: Ramblas Organic Climbing Chinos for Men

by Alice Hafer Summer is around the corner and we’re excited to announce the release of our all new lighter weight men’s chino trousers – the RAMBLAS, as part of our Spring/Summer... READ MORE

Mar 08, 2017

Why Chulilla is One of the Best Climbing Destinations by Jerome Mowat

by Alice Hafer Jerome Mowat on La Mala, 8b. Photo: Johannes Fielder A Lesser Known Gem Chulilla has had a rapid rise in popularity. It now sits amongst other famous crags... READ MORE

Jan 17, 2017

Harriet Ridley joins the 3rd Rock Team

by Alice Hafer Harriet on a 7b+ in Redstein, Colorado, Photo by: Jeff Rueppel Meet Harriet. Harriet Ridley is a British sport and trad climber who has climbed 8a+ and onsighted E5. 'My... READ MORE

Jan 10, 2017

Alyse Dietel joins the 3rd Rock Team

by Alice Hafer Photo by:  Steve Rokks Introducing Alyse Dietel. Alyse is an American climber who has joined the 3rd Rock team for 2017.'My name is Alyse, and I'm a 24 year old... READ MORE

Nov 23, 2016

100% Profit to Our Planet

by Alice Hafer    This is not a sale. This year, as always, we're not having a Black Friday Sale.  Instead, we will donate ALL profit from Black Friday sales November 25, 2016 to... READ MORE

Nov 10, 2016

Irene Yee Establishes New 5.11 Off-Width in Utah

by Alice Hafer A Trip Into the Great Wide Unknown in Southern Utah, USA Guest blogger Irene Yee, Instagram's @ladylockoff, teams up with 3rd Rock on her journey to establish a... READ MORE

Nov 03, 2016

3RD ROCK Unique Arms Up Cut

by Jessica Mor   You think hoodies and long-sleeves are just your average item of clothing? Think again! 3rd Rock Organic Hoodies for Women and Men have a signature cut for climbing... READ MORE

Nov 02, 2016

Halo's Story: Handmade in our Studio

by Alice Hafer READ MORE

Sep 23, 2016

Climbing in Beautiful Canada by Daniela Ebler

by Alice Hafer Canmore, Canada The False Summit of Heart Mountain For those of you who don't know why Canada is so special, I'm from Sweden and when little I only... READ MORE

Sep 17, 2016

Injuries: What Goes Around Comes Around by Gerard Rull & Kike Morales

by Alice Hafer What goes around comes around By Gerard Rull & Kike Molares. 9a to 5a: A long time injury that got me under-performing for more than a year. A... READ MORE

Aug 11, 2016

Climbing in Rocklands by Jake Haddock

by Alice Hafer Rocklands, South Africa One of the most iconic lines in the Rocklands. Shozoloza, 8a+. Photo: Peter Crane The Rocklands is a magnificent bouldering area located in the Cedarburg... READ MORE

Jun 24, 2016

Climbing in Mexico by Ambassador Vicki Hau

by Alice Hafer           Seven week trip to Mexico with a sneaky stop off in Red Rocks? Oh go on then!Part 1: Red Rock CanyonFirst stop Las... READ MORE

Jun 13, 2016

How to Be a Rock Climber

by Alice Hafer We love this hilarious how-to tutorial on how to be a rock climber. So much truth. -the 3RD ROCK team READ MORE

Mar 25, 2016

Our Wee Country: Climbing in Ireland by Jake Haddock

by Alice Hafer I don’t know what it is about the climbing in Northern Ireland but it has always left me grinning from ear to ear… whether that's due to the... READ MORE

Feb 22, 2016

SKAT vs EDEN trousers by Jemma Powell & Michaela Tracy

by Alice Hafer We've asked these two inspiring women to give their opinions on our two most popular climbing trousers. If you've been wanting a more detailed perspective, we're lucky to have... READ MORE

Jan 26, 2016

Welcome New 3RD ROCK Climbers

by Alice Hafer New year. New beginnings. Awesome climbers. The 3RD ROCK team is ecstatic to welcome some new ambassadors for 2016.  This year we've partnered with the talented Gaz Parry, Jemma Powell, Michaela... READ MORE

Nov 26, 2015


by Alice Hafer We love a little help with what to get our friends and family over Christmas, so the 3RD ROCK Team has put together some of our favorite items.... READ MORE

Sep 07, 2015

Did You Know We're ORGANIC?

by Alice Hafer 3rd Rock is passionate about more than clothing. Firmly passionate about recycling and sourcing organic materials, 3rd Rock is proud to say our clothing is made with our... READ MORE

Jul 27, 2015

Come work with us!

by Guy Mor Hey everyone, Operation moving-studio-to-the-UK has now finished successfully and we're looking for talented and motivated people to come join our small team! So if you have a passion for the... READ MORE

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