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Sustainable Fashion


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When you set out on your adventures - make sure you look the part! Whether you're out on a hike or hitting the gym, we're here to help you look damn fine.

Get some fit inspiration from our styling guides - built to get you itching for your next venture.

From the vibrant hues of our Spring collection to our immensly cosy Alex, technical Reach midlayer, and of course our flattering leggings 🍑 we're here to show you sustainable fashion is easy on the eyes & the planet.

When you think activewear what do you think? Static materials, nasty synthetic fabrics and the same 3 brands you see everywhere? Well we have a different view... our activewear blends innovative design with eco-friendly materials, ensuring you look good and feel great, whether you're scaling a mountain, sweating it out at the gym or embracing the urban jungle.

Dive into a world where fashion meets function, and discover clothing that moves with you and reflects your unique style, all while championing the health of our planet. Join the 3RD ROCK family and make a statement that's as bold as it is responsible.

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