person sat on surfboard looking at the ocean

We're partnered with ocean co.

We've always believed in doing what we can to protect the planet and be sustainable. Our cotton is organic. We take rubbish from the sea and recycle it in to leggings and trousers. We don't use plastic in our packaging.

We've also teamed up with ocean co.

They fund projects across the world to remove plastic from the ocean, supporting local communities to make a difference to their environment and also their life. The money goes straight to the people cleaning up the ocean.

Every product bought on our website includes a donation to ocean co.

We haven't changed our pricing to compensate. This is something we believe in, as we take another step to look after this planet we love.

So you can shop on the site and know you are making an impact on people across the globe.


High five at the sea

How it works

💲 You buy something on the website

💸We donate a percentage of the money from each sale to ocean co

🌍 ocean co funds projects across the world to clean up the ocean

🔎 you can track our progress live on this site

😀 yes, it's that easy