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Recycled & Upcycled - Saved from the land-fill

Recycled & Upcycled - Saved from the land-fill


We use Recycled Fibres made from plastic bottles and Italian carpets. Over 200,000 football fields worth of carpets are thrown away each year in Europe alone. 

We help to tidy those fields.

 Recycling post consumer waste does use lots of energy however it stops more virgin resources from being used and decreases the amount of waste added to the land-fill and the ocean plastic pollution problem. 


There are a few very special 3RD ROCK items that have been hand-crafted with upcycled fabrics and production waste scraps to give unique and interesting items with personality.

Lucky Dip Chalk bags

Our Lucky Dip chalk bags were hand cut individually in our studio (and at home) from leftover off cuts of pique blankets given to us by a lovely shop in Yaffo, to save this beautiful fabric from the landfill, and also make something useful out of it. 

This was a very labour intensive process but with stunning results. 

Each Lucky dip Chalk bag was totally unique and with it's own cheeky character, from teenage mutant ninja turtles prints and psychedelic patterns to owls in trees and Aztec tribal prints.  

The inside was made from brushed back fleece scraps from our production and the lip was from other factory off-cuts salvaged from the factory cutting room floor.

Halo Headbands

We made the Halo reversible headbands especially for the WCS 2016

We upcycled leftover fabrics from production and cut, sewed, logoed, pressed and wrapped 400 of these versatil e beasties in our studio 

Upcycling is good for the planet as waste is not thrown in the bin and destined for the landfill, it gets a second chance at life

WTF NutSacs! 

We conjured up 107 units of the genius NutSac for the ladies at the Women's Trad Festival in 2017

Jess presents the NutSac


Upcycled leftover recycled leggings fabric scraps and trims from the depths of our unused studio boxes, made this useful, shiny new NutSac to store your cams, nuts drawers, slings etc in.  Helping you to keep your climbing bag nice and tidy and organised.   

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