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Some more unconventional outdoor sports

How about some out of the box outdoor sports?

We all love stepping into the great outdoors right? Breathing in genuine fresh air, and embracing the challenges that nature throws our way.


Most of us opt for hiking, rock climbing, cycling, kayaking… you know, the normal outdoor activities and sports that are beloved by many, but there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful outdoor sports.


We’re talking cheese rolling, bog snorkeling, extreme ironing, and other interesting activities. As strange as they sound, they do offer a fresh perspective on adventure and fun.


In this article, we’ll delve into some of these out of the box sports, compare them to traditional outdoor activities, and share tips on how to safely and effectively embrace these unconventional adventures.

🧀 Cheese rolling

Credit to Mr. Lowe on Youtube for this montage.

One of the most bizarre outdoor events, but surely one you’ve already seen or heard of is the Cooper's Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake, held annually in Gloucestershire.


It’s a pretty straight forward competition; participants chase a wheel of Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill, with the goal of being the first to cross the finish line.


This centuries-old tradition is kind of terrifying to watch, but the tumbles and spills are all part of the fun.


We’re not entirely sure how/if you can practice for this…and it’s not exactly something you see when enjoying a chilled hike in the Lake or Peak district…but we had to include it anyway.

🤿 Bog Snorkeling

"Daft, stupid, mad, brilliant, wonderful...British" Video credit to rancefilm on Youtube

No, we're not talking about 💩. This is another quirky sport, and of course an idea birthed in the UK, bog snorkeling involves competitors swimming through a water-filled trench cut into a peat bog, using only flippers and a snorkel.


Originating in Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales, this event challenges participants to navigate the muddy waters as quickly as possible.


It’s a test of endurance, grit, and a willingness to get dirty, making it a perfect activity for those looking to try something out of the ordinary.


Honestly, this could be the next 3RD ROCK team outing…

👕 Extreme Ironing

Is it making a comeback? Video credit to on demand news on Youtube

No, this isn’t when you’re trying to leave the house in a hurry but notice your trousers or top is creased!


Phil shaw, a fellow British rock climber, came up with this idea when he got home to find a pile of washing. Since then it seems to be a game of who can one-up each other.


Blending a mundane task with the thrill of adventure, extreme ironing is an outdoor sport where participants take ironing boards to remote locations and perform the task of ironing items of clothing.

Locations can range from mountain tops to underwater and even mid-air while skydiving.

This sport is as much about creativity and location as it is about the act of ironing itself, turning a household chore into an adventurous challenge.
Where would you consider taking part in extreme ironing?


We’re thinking dangling from a top rope on a big overhanging crag!

🚳 Mountain Unicycling

Check out Lutz Eichholz shredding. Video credit to Great Big Story on Youtube

For those who find mountain biking too mainstream and want to kick it up a notch, mountain unicycling offers a unique twist and an additional challenge.
Riders tackle rough terrains and steep inclines on a single wheel, combining balance, strength, and a sense of adventure.

It’s a sport that demands concentration and skill, providing a thrilling way to explore mountainous landscapes.


You may have even seen a Mountain Unicycler before, as it’s becoming more and more common, especially with motorised one wheelers… or does that then class as a totally different sport? 🤔

Benefits of Embracing Unconventional Sports

Engaging in unconventional outdoor sports can offer a variety of benefits, both physical and mental.


Maybe not all of them though… like throwing yourself down a steep hill for some cheese probably isn’t the most effective way to benefit physical health!

Physical Health Benefits

Trying new activities can work different muscle groups and improve overall fitness. Sports like mountain unicycling and bog snorkeling require balance, core strength, and cardiovascular endurance.


Yes it is possible to simply mountain bike or snorkel to engage & improve these areas, but you can’t deny these unconventional sports add extra elements and difficulty.

These activities provide a full-body workout, promoting physical health in a fun and engaging way.

Mental Health Benefits

Unconventional sports can also have significant mental health benefits.

The novelty and excitement of trying something new can boost mood and reduce stress.


Participating in these activities often requires a sense of humor and an open mind, which is of course positive for mental well-being. It’s can even provide a health dose of laughter therapy!

Moreover, the shared experience of participating in unusual sports fosters a sense of community and belonging.

Unconventional sports bring people together that you may otherwise not meet or engage with.

Whether it’s bonding over the buzz of cheese rolling or the challenge of extreme ironing, these activities create strong connections among participants.

Joining a community of like-minded people & adventurers can provide support, motivation, and even lasting friendships.

Do you think we'd stand a chance at the cheese rolling?

Social and Community Benefits

Unconventional sports bring people together that you may otherwise not meet or engage with.

Whether it’s bonding over the buzz of cheese rolling or the challenge of extreme ironing, these activities create strong connections among participants.

Joining a community of like-minded people & adventurers can provide support, motivation, and even lasting friendships.

Preparing and Equipping for Unique Adventures

Venturing into unconventional outdoor sports can be difficult.


What kind of stuff do you look for when taking part in these wacky events? Here are some tips to ensure you’re ready for your next quirky adventure.

Essential Gear and Clothing

The right equipment can make all the difference when trying out a new sport. For instance, bog snorkeling requires a sturdy snorkel, flippers, and a wetsuit to keep you warm in the cold, muddy waters.


You wouldn’t want to opt for cheap, poorly made equipment when taking on these dirty bogs!

Cheese rolling participants might benefit from protective gear like knee pads and helmets to minimize the risk of injury during the inevitable tumbles. Also durable trousers wouldn’t hurt… generally look for quality made clothing that can withstand the bangs and grazes.

Extreme ironing enthusiasts need a portable ironing board and iron that can withstand various conditions. Yes this sounds silly, but imagine getting to where you want to be and your ironing board doesn’t open or is falling apart… not ideal!

Generally investing in versatile and durable outdoor trousers & clothing will get you through most of these activities, as it’s made to take on the elements. Just choose your clothing or equipment accordingly, and when in doubt just ask!

Holly rocking our sustainable swimwear for a wild swim. Also kitted out according to the temperature with wetsuit gloves.

Safety Measures and Tips

afety should always be a priority when engaging in any outdoor sport, especially unconventional ones.

Before participating, research the specific risks associated with the activity and take appropriate precautions. For example, ensure you have a good understanding of the terrain and conditions for mountain unicycling or bog snorkeling. Check things like weather forecasts, maybe even give the area a reccy before you get stuck in.

Always use appropriate safety gear and consider participating in events organized by reputable groups to ensure proper oversight and support. Additionally, familiarize yourself with basic first aid and emergency procedures relevant to the sport you’re trying.

If you’re trying something new, like extreme ironing, avoid going too remote where it can be difficult to seek help if needed.

Mindset and Preparation

Adopting the right mindset is crucial when trying out new sports. Approach each activity with an open mind, a sense of humor, and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.


Preparation is key – take the time to practice any necessary skills and build your confidence before diving into the full experience.


Remember that the goal is to have fun and enjoy the unique challenges each sport offers.

Now, do you do all of the above for conventional sports?

However mad and crazy the sports and events we’ve spoken about in this blog seem, you have to think there’s people that think the same about rock climbing, mountain biking, even hiking!


If you’re going to approach these unconventional sports with caution, preparation and open-mindedness… you should approach what you deem as conventional sports with the same mindset.


If you’re going climbing outdoors, make sure all the above points are covered…have suitable clothing, be mindful of how remote you are, make sure all your equipment is suitable. Same goes for hiking, or canoeing… the most important thing when taking part in outdoor sports is being sensible. Like Braniac used to say: safety first!


Did this make you realise you should be a tad more cautious when heading out on your adventures, or are you a good egg and already take everything we’ve said in this blog into consideration for your hikes and ‘conventional’ adventures?

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