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More about our sustainable packaging - and why we do it.

In a world where tossing "sustainability" around is as trendy as avocado on toast, we at 3RD ROCK have been busy not just talking the talk, but walking the walk.

Since 2021, we've been on a mission to kick single-use plastic packaging to the curb, proving that fashion can sizzle with style and be kind to Mother Earth. Let's peel back the layers of our eco-venture and show you how we're flipping the script on packaging, one garment at a time.

Our custom packaging tape made from recyclable paper - don't worry it's still super sticky

Our card swing tags with naturual twine (perfect for DIY projects)

For local deliveries we use a durable paper bags. Double layered for protection against weather and damage

The first version of our ties. We've now moved to using fabric offcuts to minimise waste even more!

Rockin' the Sustainable Materials 🤘

Our eco-journey is etched into every fold and twist of our packaging. We've ditched the dull and gone full throttle with sustainable packaging solutions that look good, do good, and might even make you smile. Here's the scoop:


  • Scrappy Ties, Happy Planet: Those fabric offcuts? We're turning our leftovers into the main course by using them to tie our garments. It's our way of giving these scraps a lil’ makeover, proving that beauty truly is in the eye of the upcycler
  • Twine Time: Our T-shirts are wrapped up in 100% natural jute twine, transforming them into neat, gift-worthy bundles. It's not just packaging; it's a statement piece that says, "Hey, I'm gorgeous and green." Plus, this twine doubles up as your next DIY project's dream.
  • Naked and Unafraid: Our jeans and trousers strut out in their birthday suits, folded neatly and ready to hit the runway with no need for extra fluff. This move isn't just eco-friendly; it's a bold statement that when you've got it, flaunt it – and by "it," we mean thoughtful, sustainable design.

“During a factory visit me and Jess took, we watched the cutting process and saw big bags of long thin strips of fabric that were cut off (the selvedge of the fabric) and the idea was born to make use of these - instead of throwing them away.


Why not use them in packaging? Lots of our customers (and me) use the little bundle of fabric to tie her hair back, saving them again from landfill."

~ Clair, our production manager

The Thrills and Spills of Eco-Packing 🥴

Switching gears to eco-mode hasn't been a walk in the park. Ditching plastic meant embracing the risk of a bumps & hurdles along the way. And yes, it's meant working closely with our manufacturing partners so we can dance to greener rhythms - this also means potentially cranking up production costs.

But let's be real – the slight uptick in price tags & teeny tiny garment imperfections are a small price to pay for supporting the planet's health, right? Those little creases in your new leggings? Consider them badges of honour for choosing Mother Earth over convenience!

Storing & sending our different items

For all new productions since 2021 we dropped the single plastic packaging bag from production and now package our products in the following ways:

  • Using fabric scraps or selvedge edges that are traditionally cut off in the production process to tie our garments
  • Use twine to bundle our t shirts or other small items
  • Folded and left stacked without any packaging


The method depends on the garment -


Leggings & Bras: If we didn't package these in some way, it would create difficulty in sending the items at the warehouse as they are quite slippy.


Jeans & Trousers: These are folded into thirds, and are pretty structured without the need for any packaging. They sit well at the warehouse as well as in the packages we send out to our customers, so why add an additional packaging method?


Tees, sweats & hoods: We fold these into little present-like parcels, generally using twine or a strip of paper. This is necessary so that they don't slip out of shape and are presentable when sent to the customer.


The twine can again easily be re purposed - Clair uses hers in the garden to tie up plants or saves it to add a little flair to birthday presents. Its 100% natural jute twine

For local deliveries we use a durable paper bags. Double layered for protection against weather and damage

The first version of our ties. We've now moved to using fabric offcuts to minimise waste even more!

Our unconventional methods of packaging have their downsides:


  1. Because there isn't a plastic protector, some items do get damaged or dirty at the warehouse. It also is one less protector when shipping the goods, especially overseas
  2. We generally see our leggings and bras crease alot more by bundling them in the excess fabric, so the end user may experience a slightly different first impression than if they were packaged flat in a garment bag
  3. Some factories or printers have never seen these methods of packing and have to alter their production chain at the finishing/process stage in order to implement the change. This can be costly and add to the garment price.


This is a small price to pay - the damage to the stock at the warehouse is minimal and does not outway the benefits.


Most customers are understanding of the creases - it does not affect the integrity of the garment and the creases will disappear after they've been tried on, given a bit of a shake or washed.


We also ensure the packaging we use to ship the goods is robust enough to withstand most weathers and have yet to have garments damaged by post due to lack of plastic bag.

Why We're Eco-Fanatics 🌍🤪

Our no-plastic mantra is simple: Why add to the problem when we're working so hard to be part of the solution?


Wrapping our eco-fabulous finds in plastic would be like baking a vegan cake and slathering it in lard-based frosting – it just doesn't make sense.


We're on the prowl for even better, greener packaging alternatives that won't rely on you having to remember which bin to toss them in. It's a puzzle, sure, but one we're pumped to solve

The Future is Green and Glam 💅

Our sustainability saga is far from over. By choosing twine, recycled paper, and other eco-superstars for our packaging, we're not just cutting down on plastic – we're setting the stage for a fashion revolution.


The numbers are in, and they're looking as sexy as our latest collection: heaps of plastic bags and environmental baddies saved from choking our planet.

Stick around, because we're just warming up. We're here to keep pushing the envelope (a recycled one, of course) and make a splash in sustainable fashion. Our journey is a testament to the fact that you can look bomb, act bold, and still be kind to our planet.

We're not just cutting down on plastic - we're setting the stage for a fashion revolution

Join the 3RD ROCK Revolution

At 3RD ROCK, we're all about marrying style with substance, proving that fashion can be as sustainable as it is stunning.


Our packaging is just one of the ways we're showing love to the planet, and we're inviting you to hop on this wild ride. Let's make choices that dazzle, all while keeping it green.

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