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We aim to create a system where every product is designed with its end-of-life in mind, promoting our take- back scheme, and work towards closing the loop, ensuring that garments live multiple lives.

Our "New" products

Wherever possible, we use recycled polyester in our garments so even from the beginning we're closing the end of the loop.

To learn more about what materials we use and why, check out our materials page.

All wrapped in a pretty package

FSC Hang tags attached with Jute twine

Paper packaging sacks

I'm sticking with you - recycled paper tape

Hand tied - no plastic bags transition well underway

  • FSC hang-tags - We label our products with card hang-tags that are certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council (FCS) which means the paper comes from responsibly manages forests.
  • Jute twine no Kimble - our hang-tags attachments are an eco-friendly jute twine instead of plastic
  • Paper shipping sacs - We use recyclable and upcyclable paper sacs for our web-shop packaging. If any returns come back to us in these sacs and can't be used again we add them to our 3RD ROCK studio tree which is very slowly becoming a beautiful focal point or recycle them responsibly
  • Paper tape - After much research, we found a tape that is made from recycled paper. It sticks uses natural latex rubber adhesive from trees that don’t typically need pesticides to grow, which was a bonus. This tape is also 100% biodegradable. As the manufacturer's say, ‘Sticking things together no longer has to be a sticking point, environmentally speaking.’

    DID YOU KNOW: Paper can be recycled up to 7 times, so make sure you recycle your tape and packaging once again after your items arrive.

Overproduction? No thank you

We don't have hundreds of thousands of items and we tend to sell out of certain styles very quickly. Although it may mean saying goodbye to your favourite pair of jeans or legging pattern each season, this is a conscious effort to not produce extra garments. Extra clothing made means extra waste and energy used to produce them.  

We hope that your 3RD ROCK kit is loved and worn to death. And although we know it might be disappointing to see your size sold out, we try to keep our stock appropriate to what people may purchase. However, you can let us know you're looking for a certain size and we'll do our best to accommodate you if you ever are out of luck.

Repair club - coming soon

We're breathing new life into our repair club...or I guess you could say we're repairing it! Keep your eyes on this space for more info.

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