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We’re all about inspiring our customers to prolong their clothing’s lifespan by adopting eco-conscious cleaning routines and doing their own simple repairs, keeping their garments going for longer.

Our general washing advice

With all of our garments, we advise washing on a cold cycle and avoiding fabric conditioner. As we use a mix of fabrics in many of our products this will help your 3RD ROCK garments live for longer.

To be more environmetally concious, we'd suggest following our points below when washing your clothes

  1. Avoid those nasty detergents: Opt for biodegradable, chemical-free laundry detergents to minimize water pollution.

  2. Wash in cold water: Reduce energy consumption by using cold water for washing, which also preserves fabric color and integrity.

  3. Less wash cycles: Avoid overwashing to conserve water and energy, and to prolong the life of your garments. Just don't wash so little that you become stinky!

  4. Fill that machine up: Maximize the efficiency of your washing machine by only running it with full loads, minimizing water and energy waste.

  5. Skip Fabric Softeners: Use natural alternatives like wool dryer balls to avoid chemicals and reduce waste.

  6. Air-Dry Clothes: Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint by hanging clothes to dry instead of using a dryer

  7. Use a guppy bag: Using a guppy bag means any microplastics coming off your polyester garments are caught and not entering our waterways!

Repair club - coming soon!

We're breathing new life into our repair club...or I guess you could say we're repairing it! Keep your eyes on this space for more info.

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