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Black Friday: 100% Profit for Our Planet

It's Black Friday and we're not having a sale.

3RD ROCK stands for more than great clothes. As a company, we are advocates of preserving the earth and it's people. We use organic cotton and recycled fabrics to help reduce our carbon footprint and prevent further waste. And we are always trying to figure out new ways to help our planet.

So, this year, as always, we are not having a Black Friday Sale. 

Last year, we donated ALL PROFIT from Black Friday sales to Climbers Against Cancer. We had such a great response from supporters of CAC and our customers, that we've decided to again donate all our profits back to you, 100% to the planet.

We are giving 100% PROFIT to OUR PLANET on Black Friday.

SIGN UP below to be notified when the 3RD ROCK shop is live for 100% Profit to Our Planet for CAC.


As part of our company ethics, we donate every month to charities that align with our company values. We support organisations that help fight environmental and social issues as well as running campaigns to support causes, like #DontPalmMeOff to help encourage the production of sustainable palm oil to protect species, like the Orangutans.

Read more about our Earth Collection, our campaigns, and the charities we regularly contribute towards.

Our Earth Collection was designed to inspire and campaign to spread awareness about environmental and human rights issues. We donate to these campaigns throughout the year, but in the face of extreme consumerism leading to even more waste in landfills on Black Friday, we aim to find a way to give even more and donate all Black Friday profits towards Climbers Against Cancer. 

Sign up to be notified when the 3RD ROCK shop is live for 100% Profit to Our Planet.

NOTE: Black Friday is on November 24, 2017, whenever it occurs in your part of the world.


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