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We are very excited to introduce you to OUR NEW LOGO!

Why change? you ask


We felt that our logo needed to reflect our identity a little more, our source, our ethos and why our products are so special. 

Our Source: 3 circles = 3 planets aligned - the biggest circle represent our planet, Earth, the 3rd "Rock" away from the sun. Our Planet, Our Playground.

Our Ethos: The lines that make the circles are flowing, intertwined and never ending which conveys the fact that all things are interlinked, our choices, our actions, our impact. Keep it green, clean, healthy, fair and sustainable.

Our products: The flow and endless movement of the lines reflects what's important in our clothing - Freedom of movement, comfort, durability and sustainability. 

All in all the new 3RD ROCK logo represents us and our commitment to our planet and people. 

I know some of you are rather attached to the 3RD ROCK logo you know so well and will be sad to see it change, but all of the same elements have been transferred to our new logo and a little extra meaning is now visible.

We hope that in time you will grow to love our new logo as much, if not more than the original one.  

Over and out,



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