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Moving to the UK, Summer 2015 released, Photo-shoot in Font - We've been busy!


Sorry we've been a bit off the radar, so much has been going on here @ 3RD ROCK that we didn't have much time to keep you guys up-to-date, but it's about time we did, 'coz there's plenty, so read on:


Summer 2015 collection has arrived early April and was sent to our various amazing stockists around the world. We didn't have a spare second to actually update our website with it, as we were working hard preparing for the next collection photo-shoot we've just returned from in Fontainebleau, France (which was GREAT! all about that in the next blog).

Now that we're back, we've managed to update the website with Summer 2015 collection (well, 70% of it... there are a few very cool new items still not up there yet, I promise we'll try do it very soon :) )


These are also exciting times as we're moving 3RD ROCK's studio (and our lives...) to the UK which is a big deal for us. This move is happening really soon, and hopefully by the end of June we'll be somewhere in the peak so for all you Brits out-there , hopefully we'll meet on the rock :)
This means faster delivery times for your online purchases and many other logistical implication regarding production that I won't bother you with :)

It also means that whatever stock we have in Israel at the moment, it's going to make it's way in a big boat to the UK from the 1st of June for around 3 weeks so we won't be able to ship those items out to you. If you did wanted to buy anything - now is the time! (Only summer 2015 will be available to order, and not all of it during that time)


Hope you didn't get all your shopping done for summer because we have cool new eco-friendly super comfy styles for you!
Here is a link to the new summer collection. As I've mentioned before, not everything is up yet, and hopefully we'll be able to do that very soon.

There a few cool new styles for both women and men, and as usual every thing is organic cotton (with stretch where needed) and we're also introducing recycled polyesters like in our Boom pants in Lagoon and Black. These are wicking and more light-weight.
Take a look down here: (or click here for the whole thing)


On a personal note, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who email us with your feedback and happy thoughts, it is much appreciated!
We're here if there's anything on your mind,


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