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3RD ROCK Black Friday Manifesto


So here we are again, Black Friday is upon us.

Black Friday sales often encourage overconsumption, contributing to environmental issues and perpetuating a culture of excessive consumerism. These sales can lead to impulse buying, and contribute to the throwaway culture that harms our planet.

Every Black Friday brands are often put in the position of either contributing to the problem, or being the cool outcast that shuts down their website and refuses to participate in the chaos of overconsumption.

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, 3RD ROCK never partook in the Black Friday hype - it just didn't vibe with our sustainability ethos. But we didn't turn a blind eye either; this one time, on Black Friday, we did shut down our website in protest. However, in recent years we've chosen a different path, collaborating with charities and donating a percentage of Black Friday weekend profits to support their meaningful causes.


It’s never been easy, and it’s always felt a little conflicted. Some of you pointed out that when we rolled out our Christmas sale post Black Friday weekend, it not only delayed the festive shopping spree but also squeezed the time for customers to grab their gifts, especially for our international buddies. We heard you!


And rightly so - why shouldn’t customers benefit from reduced prices from 3RD ROCK, when every man and his dog are offering the same? Another of our most frequent comments is that our prices aren’t accessible for everyone. And we get that, we do. There's cost of living crisis on, you know.


But the costs of being a sustainable business mean that our prices are what they are, and it is the rise of fast fashion that has lead people to believe that clothing is cheap. But when you try to manufacture in a way that considers the planet and pays everyone fairly, it's not that cheap. We could go on and on about this, but if you'd like to read more about the cost of sustainability you can check out our blog here, or our recent post on Insta here.


Anyway! One of the ways we can make our prices more accessible is by having a cheeky sale every now and again.


What we're doing differently

So this year, we’re trying to….keep the peace. We will be starting our SALE season on Friday 24th November. For any profit generated from sales across the Black Friday weekend, we have decided to donate 25% of our Black Friday weekend profits to the GLP Foundation, a cause close to our hearts this year. It's our way of bringing some positivity to the frenzy!


For over three decades, the Gulshan Literacy Programme (GLP) Foundation has championed free, quality education for underprivileged children in Dhaka, Bangladesh (the home of one of our factories). Without this opportunity, many of these kids would face the labour market, jeopardising their health and lives. Due to their vulnerable economic backgrounds, the risk of dropping out is high. The GLP oversees two urban schools in Dhaka - one in Mirpur and another in Badda - educating around 450 children a year.


We have also partnered with OceanCo., a global movement dedicated to collecting 7 billion tonnes of ocean bound plastic bottles by 2025. For every purchase made we have pledged to sponsor the collection of 50 ocean bound bottles in partnership with OceanCo.


So far this year your purchases from us have helped to remove 565 kg of plastic waste from our oceans, and with all your Black Friday purchases we hope to increase that number as much as possible in the name of OceanCo.’s Blue Friday initiative.

GLP Foundation

Ocean Co.

At the end of the day

...What really matters is you, our community. We want you to have the best experience possible when you decide to put your faith (and cash) with us. That you find sustainable, super comfortable garments for yourselves and your loved ones in the coming holiday season that are made to last and produced in the right way.


Guy & Jessica Mor

3RD ROCK Founders


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