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3RD ROCK Unique Arms Up Cut


You think hoodies and long-sleeves are just your average item of clothing? Think again! 3rd Rock Organic Hoodies for Women and Men have a signature cut for climbing or active pursuits, for maximum movement with your arms raised.

A 3rd Rock signature - the "Arms Up" Cut.

The cut of every style we create is made for movement and comfort. Its not enough to use stretchy fabrics (though it helps a lot). Having a "smarter" cut allows the clothes to look better, feel better, but more importantly - perform better!

The "Arms Up" Cut, designed for our Hoodies and long sleeves tees allows you better movement and reach without the Hoodie or Tee riding up. Check it out >>>


Check out the reviews on our Hoodies by our customers, try it to believe it!


Stay Warm.



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