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I tell you this, throwing a Titty Tea Party and moving apartments/3RD ROCK studio within 12 hours of each other were not an easy undertaking, but with hard work, lots of stress and little sleep, all went smoothly and I still have my sanity, however, at times it wasn’t clear if sanity would prevail.


(Obviously this is what everyone at a Titty Tea Party looks like;)

Preparing for the Titty Tea party would be easy I thought, I’ll make 6 sports bra prototypes plus a few other garment prototypes (to slip them onto as many girls as possible in one night), clean, bake scones, put the kettle on and open my door to a few friends and Bob’s your uncle Fanny’s your aunt…. But no…

Three days before, just as I was getting going on yet another batch of new and improved bra prototypes, we sign for a new place; we’re moving, oh and we’re moving in 4 days time!  “But what about the Titty Tea Party” was my first reaction, followed by, “How can I have a TTParty in an empty place full of boxes?" This is never going to work, it’s going to be a disaster, and how will I have time to pack up the whole apartment, make all the prototypes, clean the new apartment and prepare a party?

Packing up endless boxes of things, what a mess! How the hell did we accumulate so much stuff? After days and nights of packing and throwing, cleaning, sewing, stressing, feeling ill, sewing, packing, cleaning, baking, tiredness won and I no longer had the power to care if anybody actually came to the TTParty or not. But, as the doorbell rang and rang and rang, happiness became me and I got a second wind.

Now sitting in the new (twice as large!) 3RD ROCK studio I’m surrounded by boxes of things that I should be working on with due haste and machinery that needs some serious maintenance after jumping around the back of a removal van and having all the knobs turned this way and that, till they no longer know how to stitch in a orderly way, I do not feel stressed. Instead, I have a notebook full of feedback from a great bra fitting party and a warm fuzzy feeling inside from knowing that so many lovely ladies came to support me and 3RD ROCK at one of my most insane moments of late, and also because I found the kettle and made myself a cup of Yorkshire tea.

 Sanity prevails.


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