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Choosing the Perfect Climbing Pants

The Perfect Climbing Pants: Gear Up for Yosemite and Beyond

When preparing for a climb, whether it's a gnarly bouldering route or a beasty big wall multipitch, the kit you choose is paramount, and the right climbing pants can make all the difference.


But what makes a pair of climbing pants good? Is it how good they look, the brand logo that is stitched onto them, or how tough they are?


There are a lot of factors to a premium climbing pant, it's not always about choosing the pair with the highest price tag!

Our sustainable climbing pants, the HIRO, being put to wor on The Nose in Yosemite Vallery, the home of Rock climbing.

Billy tacking "Changing Corners" on El Capitan, Yosemite - wearing our HIRO Pants

Durability & Toughness 💪

This one is kind of obvious right? Climbing is a rugged sport, so your kit should be able to withstand scrapes from rough surfaces, unexpected falls, and the constant wear and tear of challenging routes.


Opt for pants made from durable materials like a ripstop material or reinforced organic cotton.


It doesn't matter if you're bouldering or rope climbing, shredded shins are always a possibility... and if you're not scraping are you really climbing hard enough? 😉

3RD ROCK Ambassador Alizée wearing our LARK pants when bouldering in Switzerland

Flexibility and Range of Motion 🤸‍♀️

The best climbing pants offer excellent flexibility, allowing you to move freely and easily.


Look for pants with a diamond crotch and articulated knees, designed to provide an unrestricted range of motion.


Stretch fabrics like spandex blends or elastane-infused materials can be particularly beneficial, ensuring you can get those high feet without being pulled back by your pants!

Comfort & Fit 👖

Comfort is crucial when you’re spending hours on the rock face. Well-fitted & tailored climbing pants should sit comfortably around your waist, whilst also providing a suitable leg length... if you're like some of us here at 3RD ROCK you'll cuff your trousers up for extra style points anyway!


Ideally you want lean towards pants with tapered or adjustable cuffs to prevent them from catching on gear or footholds... because that's not a fun sitation!


Comfort-focused designs help you stay focused on your climb, not on adjusting your clothing.


We aim for our trousers to be so comfortable you'll forget you're wearing them!

3RD ROCK Climbing Jeans, made with sustainable denim and are ultimately cozy for climbing or day to day life!

3RD ROCK Ambassador Jerome showing off the flex in our Mercury Climbing Jeans

Weather Resistance ☔

Weather conditions can change rapidly during a climb, so it’s important to be prepared.


Choose pants that offer some degree of water resistance or quick-drying properties to keep you dry in light rain or during sweaty climbs. They don't need to be fully waterproof as we'd like to think you wouldn't be climbing in the pouring rain anyway... right??


Wind-resistant materials can also provide an extra layer of protection against the elements, crucial for high-altitude climbs & bigwalling where temperatures can drop unexpectedly.

Reinforced organic cotton climbing pants

Great for outdoor climbing, walking, and general adventures

Shower resistant reinforced outdoor trousers

Great for putting through the paces when outdoor climbing, hiking... even mountain biking

Practical Design 🧵

Decent pockets, reinforced panels, and other practical features can make a significant difference in your climbing experience.


Secure pockets for storing essentials like your phone and snacks are useful and can sometimes get you out of a real pickle!


Look for pants with reinforced panels. This design feature which can easily be overlooked can be a real butt-saver if you slip whilst scrambling or slide down a chimney.

Recommended Climbing Locations and Experiences 🧗‍♀️

Yosemite National Park is a premier climbing destination, famed for its challenging routes and stunning landscapes.


Climbing El Capitan, specifically The Nose route, is a bucket-list experience for many climbers.


Having the right climbing pants can significantly enhance your comfort and performance on this legendary climb, like it did with our good friend Billy Ridal as he & Alex Waterhouse made the first UK ascent of the nose.

Crack climbing is an intense sub-category of rock climbing, and a technique that takes a whole new skillset to master.

Billy working a 5.13 crack route "Belly full of berries" at Indian Creek in Utah

Other notable American climbing spots include:


Joshua Tree National Park: Known for its unique rock formations and bouldering opportunities.

Red River Gorge, Kentucky: Offers a variety of sport climbing routes amidst beautiful forest scenery.

Smith Rock State Park, Oregon: Famous for its challenging routes and breathtaking views.


The Roundup