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Our new sustainable Ecomorph 3.0 denim

Our EcoMorph denim just got an upgrade - 3.0 is here

As you know, we're all about sustainable fashion here - and we've just released our latest sustainable denim: EcoMorph 3.0!

Our 2024 GAIA Jeans, made with the new EcoMorph 3.0 denim.

What is EcoMorph denim?

Our EcoMorph denim is a super durable denim with incredible fliexibility, allowing you to climb, jump, stretch and move with no restriction.


We use GOTS certified organic cotton for EcoMorph 3.0, reducing the use of synthetic pesticides and water contamination.


Sustainable jeans that don't restrict you - that's the "Morph" of EcoMorph. Designed with 4 way stretch means your own body will restrict you before our jeans... no seriously we mean that!

A close up look ar our EcoMorph denim material

Sounds good - but what's EcoMorph 3.0?

There's a few differences between our EcoMorph 2.0 & EcoMorph 3.0 denims.

No water, no stone, no bleach

With EcoMorph 3.0 we utilise a waterless washing process, this saves around 60% energy compared to other traditional methods.


We use aniline-free indigo dye which ensures non-toxic colouration for our jeans. There is also zero stone/no prumice or bleach used, and no PP spray (Potassium Permanganate) used either.


For our dye-removal process, we've also gone waterless with the revolutionary thermoball technology & NOVO DENIFADE BE 700 - this is our replacement for the PP spray... told you our jeans were high tech!

This is Mr Asad, the proud inventor of the NOVO DENIFADE BE 700 technology. Photo taken by our co-founder Jess on her visit to our manufacturers in Bangladesh.

Our process prioritises waste reduction; up to 90% of the NOVO DEFINADE BE 700 solution is used on the garment, significantly reducing waste. Thermoballs can be used up to 100 times!


So, what are thermoballs? Well, we'll show you:

We're not just denims!

We love our EcoMorph denim - but we can't use it in everything!


That's why we use all sorts of amazing sustainable materials for our garments, like our ECONYL material we use for our leggings, which is made from regenerated ocean waste!


To learn more about the different materials we use, head over to our materials page within our sustainability hub!

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