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100% Profit to Our Planet


This is not a sale.

This year, as always, we're not having a Black Friday Sale. 

Instead, we will donate ALL profit from Black Friday sales November 25, 2016 to Climbers Against Cancer. 

This year we are giving 100% PROFIT to OUR PLANET.

As part of our company ethics, we donate towards charities that take care of our planet and it's people. We support organisations that help fight environmental and social issues.


Our Earth Collection was designed to inspire and campaign for awareness of environmental and human rights issues. We donate to these campaigns throughout the year, but this Black Friday, we've decided to go a little further and donate all Black Friday profits towards Climber Again Cancer. 


If you want to jump on board and give to CAC alongside your purchase: donate to CAC here.

Read more more about our Earth Collection, our campaigns and the charities we regularly contribute here.


NOTE: Black Friday is on November 25, 2016, whenever it occurs in your part of the world.

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