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Cool Graphics! But what do they mean?

The humble T-Shirt. You can wear one to keep cool, to look cool, or to communicate an important message - or in the case of 3RD ROCK, all three at once!


Our organic cotton climbing t-shirts and yoga vests are designed not just to support you on the rock, but to support other causes you care about. That's why this season we're proud to announce our two new Charity T-Shirts.


We caught up with 3RD ROCK Founder & Head Designer Jess to find out a little bit more about the story behind this season's show piece graphics.



Sun Tee/Vest

So what's the story behind the Sun graphic?


"I was looking for inspiration for my next tattoo when I came across some really beautiful sweeping line drawings of mountains that capture the 3D relief of a landscape. I wanted a geometric design and the foreground to be a forest.


The Sun Graphics originated from a print I created for the Women's Climbing Symposium -originally there was a  boulderer in the foreground of the forest, but I removed them to give more focus to the landscape and the forest  - the natural world we strive to protect. 



Bees. Trees. Seas. The trinity that is essential for life on earth:


Bees - are our pollinators!


Trees & Seas - our 2 biggest ecosystems, providing habitats, absorbing CO2, and oxygenating our planet (did you know that sea plants produce over half of the oxygen we breathe?!) 


It’s positioned as a back print so that you can wear your commitment to nature for all to see while you climb. Reminding both you, and everyone else, about the preciousness of our natural world."


Men's Sun Tee

Women's Sun Vest



Whale Tees/Vest

Featuring a charming Origami print that highlights the very real relationship we can create between our donations, and the good causes we support, our Whale Tee is part of a global movement to bring an end to commercial whaling. As Jess explains..


"The Whale tee graphic is a result of the recent legalisation of commercial whaling in Japan. I couldn't believe that the slaughter of these magnificent creatures is deemed acceptable, for any reason at all!”



As Origami is a Japanese art form, we accurately show how you can create an Origami whale from a banknote (whether real, or from a monopoly board!). It’s there to remind you that we shouldn’t ever be putting money ahead of the life and resources of this wonderful planet.  . Try it for yourself! Does your whale look like ours?


We'll be giving a share of the profits from each print sold to Sea Shepherd - an International non-profit, marine wildlife conservation organisation.


Mens's Whale Tee

Women's Whale Tee

Womens's Whale Vest

Kids Whale Tee

Whale Tote


Thanks for reading. We're 3RD ROCK. We design and manufacture sustainable climbing clothes & activewear that's made to move, and made to last. Using recycled ocean plastic, organic cotton, and upcycled materials, we're making items that help protect the very environments we depend on for our adventures.


We've been awarded "Most Ethical Climbing Brand" by the Ethical Consumer trade body, beating out Black Diamond, Prana, and even Patagonia!


It's our way of saying "no" to fast fashion, "yes" to the protecting the climate, and "absolutely" to a life spent outdoors.

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