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Who Made OUR Clothes?



We decided to join the #WhoMadeMyClothes campaign as part of #FashionRevolution Week. Clothing comes from a hand and a thread and should be valued. We want to share with you - do you know where your clothes come from? 

Here at 3rd Rock we believe in transparency. As part of our company values we do our absolutely best to promote sustainability and ethical standards.

What do we do to help promote ethical standards?

We source our fabrics from Europe and try to use as many local sources as possible. We have all of our T-shirts printed in Wales and always use 100% Organic Cotton in all of our cotton-based products. We use recycled fabrics as much as possible for everything else. We label our products with swing tickets that are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which means the paper comes from from responsibly managed forests. We use recycled paper for our packaging and our prints are digitally printed with Oeko Tex Certified printing inks.

Where are my clothes made?

Our clothing is made in: Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal and Israel. We only work with factories that have good and safe working conditions. No child labour, ever. CHECK OUR LABELS. We want you to. Want more information? Write to us. We have an open door policy. Send your questions to, any time, any day. 

Sewing final touches to our SOLSTICE leggings in the factory in Lithuania.

Making adjustments to the SOLSTICE leggings in the Lithuanian factory.

Our SOLSTICE leggings are also digitally printed with Oeko Tex Certified printing inks.

Production samples being made in the factory in Portugal.

Quality control checks being made on the LUNA bra in the factory in Lithuania.

The LUNA bra is made from recycled polyamide which comes from Italian carpets.

Join Us

Join us celebrating Fashion Revolution Week. Together, we can change the way clothes our made, one step at a time. For more info on how to get involved, head to


the 3RD ROCK Team
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