Steady As She Climbs: Women’s Climbing Bottoms by 3RD ROCK

Steady As She Climbs: Women’s Climbing Trousers by 3RD ROCK

Belinda (Be) Fuller, bouldering in our latest 3RD ROCK photoshoot. North Wales. Wearing 3RD ROCK Luna Bra and Daphne Thermal leggings. Photo by: Guy Mor

Hello, lovely climbers! Ready to elevate your climbing game to heights you've never seen? Well, buckle up. We're taking a deep dive into the world of women’s climbing trousers – the why, the where, and most importantly, the wear.

Best Women’s Climbing Trousers – Why You Need Them

Before we ascend, let’s talk base camp basics. Climbing is more than just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. Your clothing should not only look smashing but also stand up to the rigours of this adventurous journey. Cue: the ideal climbing trousers. These bad boys:

  1. Protect your precious leggies from scrapes and scratches.
  2. Offer optimal flexibility for those tough stretches and challenging moves.
  3. Keep you comfy, no matter how long your climb or how sweaty the situation.

Vicki Hau climbing in our Gaia Jeans. Yes, Jeans make a great climbing trouser!

Indoor vs Outdoor Climbing: The Trousers Tale

Now, let's differentiate between your indoor and outdoor trouser needs. It's not just about the view.

Indoor Climbing Trousers

When you’re clambering indoors:

  • Comfort is Queen: Opt for leggings or close-fitting bottoms that move with you, without any extra bulk. Our 3RD ROCK leggings are not just beautiful (and not see-thru!), but also engineered for optimal comfort and stretch. Perfect for those bendy indoor walls.
  • Breathability: The indoor setting can get a bit toasty. Look for breathable fabrics to keep the sweat at bay.

Outdoor Climbing Trousers

Nature's playground has its own set of rules:

  • Durability: You need trousers that can withstand the rough and tumble of rocks, rain, and whatever else Mother Nature might throw your way. Sturdier trouser, or our EcoMorph Jeans are the name of the game.
  • Protection: It’s the great outdoors, after all. Our jeans and trousers come with reinforced stitching and durable fabrics, perfect for those wild escapades.
  • Weather Appropriate: From sun-kissed crags to chilly cliffs, outdoor climbing is as unpredictable as the British weather. It’s essential to prepare for all scenarios, from shorts for those sunnier climbs to full-length trousers for cooler climes.

Ambassador Holly Rees bouldering in Font. Wearing regenerated nylong leggings. Made from sea waste!

Right, so which one is right for you?

There is never one-style-fits all when it comes to what we wear. We are all different, depending on where you go and what you do you might want a different garmnet. Luckily, we are breaking it all down and simplifying it:

Organic Cotton vs Recyled yarn vs Denim

All of our trousers and bottoms are suitable for climbing. That's just how we roll. Born from climbing, we'll never design something that's not suitable for the sport we love. The main differences between our trousers (and not just ours) is the material it's made of and what it means for you:

Organic Cotton Trousers: Made from naturally-grown cotton plants without the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or genetically modified organisms. Trousers made from high-quality organic cotton tend to be soft, breathable (for cotton), and comfortable, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Recycled yarn Trousers and leggings are made by reclaiming fibers from previously used fabric or materials, such as plastic bottles, which are then processed and spun into new yarn. Using recycled yarn can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of a garment since it minimizes the need for virgin materials and reduces waste in landfills. Depending on the source and production process, recycled yarn can be made into a variety of textures, which can be both comfortable, water-resistant and durable.