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The new 3rd ROCK Winter Collection has launched, and as usual, our products are always using eco-friendly materials.  This time we are combining it with sleek form and functional design to keep you looking stylish, while staying warm at the crag, or on the street.

The first must-have are the new ALEXIS and JONNI hoodies.  Don't you hate it when your hoodie rides up on you while you lift your arms for that big reach? Your layers underneath get pulled up as well, exposing you to the bitter cold, making it really difficult to concentrate on the task at hand. Or how about when you put on the hood to keep you warm, ends up having to be pulled off to keep it from constantly blocking your view while you turn your head, searching for the best route to continue to climb up?

Well, with the ALEXIS and JONNI hoodies, you can consider these annoying problems solved! Not only are they made of a strong, durable, yet soft and warm organic cotton, the design is like no other. The arms are cut in a unique way giving you this ultimate feel of free range to lift your arms up…plus, it won't expose you to the elements!

The new ADAM and EVE long sleeve t-shirts, are also designed with the arms-up cut, so that you can stay insulated, allowing you to move your arms freely for reachy moves without riding up.

Now you can stay warm and feel free to raise your arms while looking fresh and supporting sustainable fashion active wear

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